Recently I was out at VloggerFair and I asked the guys at Patreon what are some of the top performing rewards that you see that a lot of YouTube creators are offering to their supporters through their patreon accounts? They went, they did a lot of research, and they sent me back this list of 17 of them that I’m going to share with you here today.

Let me give you 17 reward ideas that you could use on your patreon account that a lot of other creators are using very successfully.

Your Name In The Credits

Number one, your name in the credits. You can offer to your YouTube viewers to give them recognition in the credits of the videos that you’re making. Either the description or the encard or something like that.

Adblock Forgiveness

Number two is adblock forgiveness. Encourage these patreon supporters to use adblock on your videos ’cause they’re supporting you here on patreon instead.

Access to a Patreon Only Feed

Number three, access to a patreon only feed. Which means that people who are supporting the creator only get to see the things that you are posting specifically to those people on patreon.

A Digital Signature

Number four, a digital signature, and/or a digital poster. So scan your signature in the Photoshop, put it on top of that image, or that poster, and let people download it once they become a patreon of your content.

Twitter Follow and a Shoutout

Number five, a Twitter follow and a shoutout. So follow every single one of your patreon supporters on Twitter, and then tweet at each of them and say thank you.

A Monthly Exclusive Video

Number six, a monthly exclusive video just for supporters that no one else gets access to except for them. And you get bonus points if you say that you will respond to every single comment that is left on that video from your patreons. Usually the best way to do that is just to make an unlisted video on YouTube and share that with your patreons.

Special Behind The Scene Footage

Number seven, give them special behind the scenes footage. Maybe it’s bloopers that you made, or maybe you’re showing the behind the scenes of how you made something that was a part of your videos, or whatever. Just give them those extra behind the scenes videos.

Access to Your Idea List

Number eight, give them access to your idea list for a certain episode, or for a certain video. Maybe give them your brainstorming map that you use, or you can just show them all the show notes that you wrote up for that particular video, as well.

Decide Next Vlog Topic

Number nine, if you are a vlogger, you could let your patreon audience decide what topic you’re going to vlog about next.

Access to a Special, Private Email List

Number 10, give them access to a special, private email list that you send out certain things to them. Or even better yet, give them access to a private Facebook group that only your patreons have access to to interact with each other, and maybe even also with you.

Do a Monthly, Live Q&A session

Number 11, do a monthly, live Q&A session. You could do this as a live streaming event just privately where you just get interaction from the comments. Or the way I do it is I use a service that lets everyone join with their web cams, so we can all see each other, talk to each other, and I love being able to actually put, like, face to face connections with people who are commenting on these videos all the time.

I really do think that is my personal favorite patreon reward that I offer my patreons. I love it.

Monthly Google Hangout

Number 12, you could do a monthly Google Hangout where you just, like, invite a guest to come in and hang out with you. And you just interact with your audience. Give them access to someone that they otherwise wouldn’t have had access to.

Access to a Monthly Live Stream Video on Periscope or Twitch

Number 13, if you are a gamer, you could have a special TWiT stream, or special YouTube live stream, of your gaming just for people who are patreons to come and hang out and watch you game.

Exclusive Patron-Only Merchandise

Number 14, you can have exclusive merchandise that you offer to your patreons. Either that you give to them right after they sign up that they can download right away like posters, or prints of something. Or access to exclusive merchandise that only your patreon supporters can buy.

Google Hangout Limited to 10 Fans

Number 15, you could do a Google Hangout and just limit it to 10 people to join you. Whether you do that on first come, first serve basis, or you randomly pick. Or whatever you want to do.

Access to a Private Gaming Server

And number 16, if you are a gaming channel, you can give your patreons access to a private gaming server with you, and with each other.

Live Gaming Hangout or Play

And finally, number 17. Also, if you are a gaming channel, you can invite some of your patreons to join you in game, and play in front of all your viewers together. In case it’s helpful, I’ll put links to a few different patreon pages in the description below this video here in YouTube. You can go check them out. Some people that I recommend, hey, why don’t you check out these people, maybe model what they’re doing because it seems to be working well for them.

My very own patreon page is also down there, also. Video Creators, and I have two rewards. One is the monthly hangout I talked about where you hang out together and talk. And then the second one is that I just give, like, tons of links of stories that are really important about what’s happening in the online video industry, as far as growing your YouTube audience and your channel.

If you want to support this channel, and help it continue to support you guys, that would be awesome. Link to do that is down there below. And I would love to hear from you guys in the comments about what other ideas you have seen that work really well, different rewards, perks that you offer to your patreon supporters. Or that you’ve seen other people offer that you think would be really worth suggesting, and for us to think about.

If you are also right now thinking about what could I offer to my patreon supporters? Definitely read the other suggestions that people are leaving down there. I know you will learn a lot from them as I always do in every single video. So thank you guys.