It’s 2022 – weird, huh?

It always takes me a while to get used to writing a new year down when I date things… but when I look at the year 2022, and it’s surpassed the date Marty goes to as he travels to the future, it feels like I’m living in some strange utopian world.

If you’re a seasoned creator moving into 2022, you’ve probably made a good chunk of videos at this point in your YouTube career.

Maybe you’re even feeling like you’ve run out of video ideas.

Maybe you’re feeling like you’ve made all the content there is to make in your niche or you’re just bored or uninspired with creating something new.

How do you bring back your creativity and bring something fresh to your channel?

I want you to write these questions down and take time to reflect on them before answering.

  1. What are the fears or problems that this person (your target audience) is dealing with when it comes to this idea?
  2. What are the different end results that this person might be looking for?
  3. What do you agree or disagree with that other people are saying (in your niche/about this topic)?

I got to chat with Lennon, a former strategist on my team, about these questions and we did a deep dive on some examples you can listen to above that I hope are helpful, but what it came down to was:

Focus on the heart behind your ideas.

Most of us started our YouTube channels because there was something we were SO excited about sharing with the world.

Maybe you had a mission or a WHY behind your content.

You wanted to change the world for the better.

And when you get into the grind of making videos, it can be easy to forget what that was.

As we head into the New Year, this is the perfect time to take a small break.


Re-evaluate why you’re doing this.

Answer these three questions.

And get back to it.

And if you STILL feel stuck, .

We’d genuinely love to help you bring life into your channel again. Sometimes you just need that outside perspective to really change the game.

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year. Let’s do this thing.

Keep changing lives,