We hear you.

We know you spend hours, even days, to craft the perfect video…

…all for it to get 23 views.

If you could just get YouTube to get your videos in front of more people, they’d see how awesome your videos are! So, why is the *all-powerful* algorithm working against you!?!

Let’s cut the junk.

Here’s why you’re not growing on YouTube.

  1. You’re optimizing for the algorithm (a robot) and not for the viewer (a real person). A good amount of clients that come into a consultation with us have a fixed mindset. They are convinced that the algorithm is the problem, their videos are definitely not the problem (because mom said their videos were great), and they are angry at the system. Here’s the deal. The algorithm is designed around real life people. If Susie is watching a family vlog for 20 minutes, the algorithm will probably push a family vlog from a different creator to her once she’s done watching the vlog she’s watching because she’s interested enough to watch most of it. So, YouTube will curate a viewing experience for her based off videos it knows she already likes. If you want to grow on YouTube, you’ve got to eat a piece of humble pie and rethink your strategy. Create content based off of what the viewer cares about – not what you care about.
  2. You’re not thinking BIG picture. It’s natural to want to go viral, but to be successful on YouTube, you’ve got to think long-term. Your audience is going to get lost in the weeds if you’ve got a gaming stream up one day, then a vlog, and then an educational video up the next day. Think about your target audience, the value you’re bringing to them, and stay consistent. If you’re making valuable content that is consistent to what they want and what they subscribed for, they’ll keep watching your videos and you’ll find new viewers as well.

This is really the root of every growth issue of EVERY creator we are working with. There are definitely some nuances depending on each creator’s situation, which we go into more detail on in this podcast.

But if you can start optimizing for people and not for robots, you’ll win every time!

Keep changing lives,


P.S. Still feeling stuck and you’re not sure how to grow faster? .

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