December is here and that means it’s almost a new year!

(The rhyme was unintentional.)

I know the holiday season can be a busy time for a lot of us and you may have missed our recent livestream on goal setting for your YouTube channel in 2020. I was really excited to have my old producer, Laura, jump back in for a livestream to be on camera, instead of moderating, this time!

Here are a few things you can start doing, or planning for, that will definitely help you crush your YouTube goals next year.

  1. Think about selling a product if you’re not already. We’ve seen multiple “Adpocalypses” and we all know what’s going on with YouTube and the FTC. We’ve said it before… and we’ll say it again. Do NOT rely on Adsense as your main source of income. To create a solid business model, start thinking about what you could sell next year. Some ideas could be branded merchandise, a course, an eBook, a consulting session, etc.
  2. Redefine your value proposition. Why should people watch your videos? People don’t just watch your videos to give you more views or subscribers. They watch because it provides some sort of immediate value to them. .
  3. Learn how to tell a good story. Good storytelling beats fancy edits every time. When you can connect with another human being and make them feel like your content is for them, you’ve got a raving fan on your hands. .
  4. Plan your content out in advance. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Nothing is worse than when you get to the day, or week, you’re supposed to post and you’re unsure of what you’re going to film and how you’re going to film it. You either end up rushing a video that isn’t your best work or not putting anything out at all. We’re all human, but this isn’t something you want to make a habit. .

What YouTube goals do you have set for 2020? How are you going to reach them? Hit ‘reply’ at let us know!

Keep changing lives,


P.S. Need some extra help with your 2020 YouTube goals? My team and I would be happy to help you with that in a 1-hour consultation. .