I know a lot of you guys, you’re doing brand deals. You’re doing video sponsorships on your channel as a way of earning additional money from your audience there. But there’s something that I do that earns me often twice as much money from that brand deal as it otherwise would have earned.

So the one thing that I do is that I don’t limit it just to YouTube. That’s really valuable, but I also have these other platforms I’ve been building with my audience along with my YouTube channel. And that is my email list, that is my Twitter account, that is my Facebook page, Instagram, Snapshot, all these other different platforms.

And so when a brand comes to you wanting to sponsor a video or do a brand deal on your channel, you can say, that’s great. But how about I throw in a couple tweets. How about I throw in a couple of Instagram posts. How about some Facebook posts, and how about all these other platforms, an email blast or something like that. Now you can see how that brand was like, whoa, we were just thinking YouTube. You got all this too? Like, heck yeah, and they get into that. And you can often charge a lot more for that.

A lot of you guys think, that’s sounds awesome, Tim, but how do you even get started with that? And that is where this video sponsor FameBit comes in. Because guys, I’ve been using their platform for a long time now. And they just added some new features and some tools that I know you guys are going to love, because I do. So one of the things that you can do now is it is not just about YouTube anymore. FameBit now, if you develop a really, good, active Instagram following or Twitter or Vine, you can now integrate those platforms into your campaigns and your brand deals that you are doing there.

So it is no longer just about like, hey guys, here’s my video. Thank you for the money, be all done. You can say here’s my video, but maybe throw in all this other stuff, or maybe you have a brand on there that you see that only wants to do Instagram. Or maybe they only want a bunch of tweets, or maybe they only want a really nice loopable Vine or something like that. Now it makes more sense for you to start cross promoting and building all the other social platforms. Because your brand deals now have just increase that much more in value.

What Is FameBit?

But let’s back up a bit in case you’re not familiar with FameBit. So FameBit connects YouTubers and social media influencers with brands. So brands go to FameBit’s website. They post a campaign. They say, hey, we’re looking for influencers to talk about this or promote that or the other thing. You log in as a creator, and you say that brand, that deal would fit my audience perfectly. You go in, you submit a proposal, you give them your price. You pitch your channel, your social media platforms, your idea for the video, things like that.

And that puts you directly in touch with the brand, which then they can negotiate or accept your proposal. and the cool thing is, is that the deal actually gets funded even before you start. Once you publish, you get within 24 to 48 hours. You only need 1,000 followers on any of those platforms to get started. New sponsorship opportunities are being added every day across a variety of categories. Heck, gaming, beauty, fitness, just tons of stuff in there.

FameBit New iPhone App

And they actually now have an iPhone app that lets you keep up with all the latest brand deals that are coming through, the opportunities that you can jump in on as well even managing your communication with those brands on the go directly through the app. So let me put a couple links down there below for you guys. One is a link to the app if you want to go check it out, which I highly recommend you do. Two, I’ll put a link down there also where you can go check out FameBit, learn more about them in case you’re interested. And then three, there is also a link to their YouTube channel where they have been interviewing different creators on YouTube, getting their best tips and advice and hearing their stories and a lot of behind the scenes of what’s happening on their channel.

So if you want to hear a lot more about growing your audience on your YouTube channel from other creators, definitely check out FameBit’s YouTube channel. It is linked up down there below. I have a whole bunch of interviews I’ve done with them in the past. I’ll link up the playlist down there below too. If you want to learn more about how do you write a good at winning proposal to a brand and how do you pitch yourself and all that. What should you charge for? How much money should you ask for your audience? And a lot of other common questions I’ve asked, gone through all them with those guys. So all that is linked up down there below as well.

I would love to hear from you guys in the comments below, especially those of you who are actively using FameBit. What has your experience been like with them so far, and then also, if you’ve done brand deals where you’ve integrated your other social media platforms or email lists or things like that, what experience and tips can you share for the rest of us about how those work best for you.

I’m hoping that they soon are integrated like ConvertKit and other email services. I know they’ve got a lot on the roadmap coming, so we’re definitely looking forward see what else they got in store.