I don’t know about you guys, but one of the things I love doing is finding multiple ways to earn an income and earn money from work I’ve already done. Now I know a lot of you guys have a lot of video clips of things you’ve already shot, and they might be just sitting on your hard drive collecting digital dust. I want to show you guys how you can cash in on those clips and make some real good money from work you’ve probably already done.

I want to tell you guys about a service that I’ve been using for awhile over at VideoBlocks where you can get unlimited access to lots of royalty-free stock video footage that you can use to really increase the production value of your videos. If you haven’t checked out the video I’ve already done about that, you can click the link below, you can click and learn more about how to increase the production value of your videos with that stock footage.

But one of the things that’s cool about VideoBlocks that we didn’t talk about then is that they give you guys as creators an opportunity to sell your video footage to other people who want to use it on their videos, and you get to keep 100% of the money and that is generated and earned through those clips that you sell. VideoBlocks doesn’t take even a fraction of a percentage of a cut. It all goes to you. I thought what they were doing over there was genius, and so I’ve been talking with them, and they were cool enough to sponsor this video. So I can tell you guys about it, and help you guys potentially make a lot more money from the videos that you’re already shooting anyway. So here’s how it works.

Let’s say I am a company, and I need to make a commercial for my products and services, and so I go to a place like VideoBlocks and I say I need clips about this, that, and the other thing. And I start searching, and I find some clips I want to use, ba-boom, I’ve found this perfect clip. And let’s say it happens to be your clip, and let’s say you shot it in 4K. Any clip on VideoBlocks that is shot in 4K is $199. And so that brand, that company, they say yes, we need that clip, they go through, they buy it, they go through the checkout process. And 100% of the funds of that $199 goes to you minus a small transaction fee, that’s for the credit card processing and stuff, but VideoBlocks themselves, they take nothing.

Or let’s say you don’t have clips in 4K, but you do have some that are in 1080p, full HD, and you post them on the site, and other people come and they want to buy some of your footage to use in their videos. And so those HD videos are $49, which after credit card processing fees, means that you make $47.16. So if you have a lot of video clips sitting on your computer that you feel could be repurposed, could be reused, and you don’t mind selling them to other people to give them permission use them in their projects, then there’s a link in the description below this video where you can click and get started on that process. You can also learn more about it down there.

Let me answer a few of the initial questions I had about this and then how it all works. One is are you giving up total complete rights of your video clips? And no you’re not. You can take them down from VideoBlocks whenever you want. You can add files to it. You manage whatever is on there. You are in complete control. Plus, if you are already selling those clips and those photos at other places or using them for other things, like you can still continue to do that. It’s a non-exclusive license that you’re giving them. So you can still use on YouTube, you can sell them in other websites, you can– main principle is you keep full control.

The second question I asked them is well, what types of video clips actually tend to sell? Because I wanted to know like do I actually have anything that’s actually going to work? Is it worth my time to even put the effort into it? And they said the clips that sell the best are ones that are hard to replicate either because of the geography where there are shot, or the technique that’s used to make the shot. So they said things like aerial shots sell very well, time lapses sell very well because those tend to take specific equipment and a lot of time to actually get those shots.

They also said clips that have any motion to them, that have a cinematic feel, those tend to sell very well on their platform also. But basically, overall, they are just accepting clips in a broad range of categories as long as it is good looking image, looks like is professional quality that someone would want to use on like a commercial level. So that means like using a good camera, you know, a DSLR or better. The lens is clean. It’s sharp focus. You’re using good lighting, good frame composition, and you’re exporting it well. A lot of those things that’s probably standard for a lot of you guys here who are video creators.

But it’s not just video footage that they accept. You can also submit motion graphics, and backgrounds, and lower thirds, transitions, and After Effects templates, and Apple Motion templates, and a lot of different things. Just make sure that you fully own all the copyrights to that material, that you’ve created it yourself before you sell it, and then, you should be good to go.

So again guys, you find more information about this linked up below . And if you any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. Or maybe you already are using the marketplace at VideoBlocks to sell your content. If you are, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

What’s your experience been like so far? What tips and advice do you have for other creators who are thinking about earning an income from their videos using a site like this? And if you are thinking about using the VideoBlocks marketplace, definitely check out the comments down below. I’m sure you will learn a lot of really good helpful things from them.

And again, I just want to say thanks to VideoBlocks marketplace for sponsoring this video and making it possible for people like us to earn an income, to make money off the stuff that we really love doing.