This year I got the chance to go to FINCON19. It’s basically a conference where a ton of smart financial people go. They talk a lot about smart things they’re doing with their money to grow their businesses and make more money online.

I always love going to these types of conferences to connect with other creators, but also to learn from them!

I know that not everyone is able to travel to a big conference like this, so I wanted to bring some of the expert’s advice and wisdom to you.

Here are some common mistakes YouTube creators are making that are keeping them from making more money on YouTube.

  1. Relying on Adsense for their income. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said a thousand times… Adsense is an unreliable source of income. It can be a great added bonus, but look into other revenue sources like consultations, courses, merch, sponsorships, etc. You don’t have to wait to become a part of the YouTube Partner Program to start making money this way and it’ll take the stress WAY off to have to crank out high performing videos all the time.
  2. Thinking making money on YouTube is easy. A lot of YouTube creators decide to start a channel because it looks glamorous. The reality is that anything in life that’s worth doing is hard work. There will be times you’ll feel stuck or discouraged. You have to know and believe in WHY you’re doing what you’re doing to get you through it.
  3. Not understanding their audience. There’s nothing wrong with making the videos you like to make, but you have to know what your audience wants. If you have a gaming channel, but you start to make videos about playing the guitar, that probably won’t go over well with your existing audience. Get to know what your audience’s pains, struggles, and needs are. This will help you make more valuable videos with your audience that will build trust with them, serve them and solve their painpoint, and in turn lead them to wanting to buy a product or service from you.
  4. Following the money. Don’t make videos purely for the money. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to earn more money, but if that’s the only reason you’re a creator, you’re going to burn out FAST. You can only make so many videos you know will do well on your channel before it shows that you don’t necessarily enjoy making them. You’re also going to lose trust with your audience if you’re consistently doing things like sponsorship after sponsorship with any company that knocks on your door. Give your audience what they want, but stay true to yourself as well.

Watch the video above to hear the #1 mistake I see creators make that keeps them from making more money on YouTube.

Hope this helps you avoid some of these mistakes!

Keep changing lives,


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