There have been a lot of new changes on YouTube lately and we’re excited to chat about one of these things in today’s podcast.

One of the main things my team and I want to share with you today is how to optimize YouTube’s ads to make the most money you possibly can (we’re answering this question asked by another creator).

First things first, if you haven’t seen one of our recent videos, there’s a new metric on your analytics called RPM. This allows you to see how much money you make per 1,000 views (after YouTube and advertisers takes their cut). This is good to know so you can estimate how much you’ll make in ad revenue and see how much your content is worth to advertisers.

Another need-to-know update is that YouTube just updated it’s requirement for mid-roll ads. You can now place ads on videos that are 8 minutes or longer (rather than 10).

We talk a little bit more about how you can optimize your channel for more growth and more revenue in this week’s podcast episode.

See you over there!

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