There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to creating a strategy and growing on YouTube. If you can’t seem to find the time to manage it all, it might be time to start outsourcing.

One of our own in the Video Creators community, Joseph, asked:

“I would be REALLY, HUGELY interested in hearing what Tim’s producer does (tasks, responsibilities). I’m to the point that I need to start scaling my YouTube team and making it more professionally produced. New video idea, Tim?”

New video idea, for sure!

Maybe you’re like Joseph and are ready to start growing your team or you want to in the future and want to get a good idea of what to look for.

Today I’m sharing what my Producer Trena does to help me stay consistent on YouTube and to make sure we are hitting our YouTube goals.

  1. Filter video ideas. One of the first things Trena does for me to get ready for new videos to start working on is she filters through a running list of video ideas I keep on a Trello board whenever an idea pops in my head. She looks at trends and which videos perform the best on the Video Creators channel.
  2. Research video ideas. Once she gets 1-month or so worth of ideas, she’ll begin research each video topic. She’ll look back at the channel to see if we’ve done a similar video on the topic, how well it performed, what the audience retention was like, etc. She’ll also look at other creators in our space to see what videos are performing well and make some observations about why that may be and what lessons we can use from them to improve our own videos.
  3. Define the title and thumbnail. After some research, Trena will decide on a title and think about the thumbnail she’d like to create ahead of time so I know what kind of photos I may need to take to send to her and we’re not scrambling for a thumbnail last minute.
  4. Script the video idea. Once we have all of this, it makes it WAY easier for Trena to script the video. She’ll usually send me an outline and I’ll edit it and add my own knowledge and experience to it during filming.
  5. Find the right hook. When scripting the video, Trena will even script in the hook! This is very important so we can provide the value our viewers are looking for straight away and keep them watching.
  6. Define the CTA. Whenever we end our videos, there is always a call-to-action. We want to keep our viewers watching our videos as long as possible. We don’t want the viewing session to end. We usually send the viewer to another video or playlist, so we need to know which video we’re sending them to so I can say that in the video. Trena decides this as well.
  7. Define deadlines. Trena also keeps me on track with deadlines so our editor has enough time to edit our videos!
  8. Finish up videos with the editor. Once we get it back, Trena will follow up with the editor with any feedback she may have and if anything needs to be changed.
  9. Define social media formats. She’ll also look through the video for clips we can use on our social media pages. This is great because we then have a few days worth of content.
  10. A/B Test thumbnails. Trena also makes sure we’re increasing our click through rate by creating and testing out two different thumbnail styles on our channel.
  11. Upload videos. Once all of this is ready to go, Trena uploads the video and does all the “optimization” stuff – tags, endscreens, title, description, etc. and get everything ready to go live. She’ll schedule it and it’ll go live Thursdays at 10am ET!
  12. Add Captions. Once the video is live, Trena will get captions of the video and use them for when we upload a Facebook version of the video to Facebook so we have captions there as well.

That’s JUST what she does to get our videos live!

She also runs reports we go over in a monthly meeting to go over our analytics, numbers, and what we can be doing to better improve the channel.

The truth is, I spend so much time meeting with other creators, our own channel tends to be something I don’t have as much time to spend on. There comes a time in everyone’s business where onboarding someone to help with some of these tasks will free you to work ON your business instead of in the business.

If you want to hear more about what Trena does, you can watch her talk about this above.

Thanks for reading!

Keep changing lives,


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