How’s your week going? This week my son, Zeke, and I started the process of putting up a fence.

We spent the day digging 21 holes for fence posts. It is definitely a mundane or tedious task, BUT the time we spent together was still awesome because we were doing it together.

A lot of the time as creators, we can dread the mundane tasks we have to get done. A lot of the processes we currently have in place may feel like time suckers or just inefficient. How can we make these processes not just better to save time, but to also get more of the results we want on our channels?

That’s what we’re talking about in this week’s podcast.

It all starts with getting really, really honest with yourself about how you are currently spending your time.

Even if it hurts.

Like when iPhones came out with the “screen time” feature and you got that first notification that said you were on your phone for an average of 5 hours a day.


That wasn’t a proud moment for me (even though a lot of that screen time is spent on the business — it still feels like that’s way too much screen time for me).

I had to eat a slice of humble pie and think about how I spent my time and then I realized I could create a better process for creating YouTube videos. Here are some my team and I took to get there.

  1. Track your time. You can’t know how you’re spending your time unless you track it. This is going to help you see where you’re wasting time AND where you’re trying to do too much at once. We’re only human and it’s important to schedule in breaks along with hard work.
  2. Plan to plan. Once you work out the kinks in your time management, you can cut out time wasted and use that time instead to plan for your videos. Even if it’s only 30 minutes. Schedule a time for you to plan out your titles, thumbnails, write your script, do necessary research, etc. This alone is going to make such a huge difference in your content being WAY better.
  3. Script your videos. Whether you’re a bullet point kind of person or you need to write out every word, scripting your videos saves you time during the filming and editing process. You may even want to go as far as plan what B-Roll is going to be over whatever you’re saying. You and/or your editor will thank you for this later and you’ll know EXACTLY what you want the structure of your video should be like.
  4. Plan your content at least 1 month out. Filming and videos week to week is just plain stressful. Not only that, but seasonal events may come up in your niche whether it’s a conference, a release of a product, or even just a holiday! If you want to create great content and be on time for those seasonal videos, make sure you schedule that video idea ahead of time! Some tools you can use to plan your videos out are Trello,, Asana, or even just the Notes tab on your phone. Just start somewhere.

When you spend more time planning, you spend less time filming and editing and you can create a much better video product that gets the results you want.

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Thanks for reading!

Keep changing lives,


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