It’s the first episode of Video Entrepreneurs! This is a show where real full-time YouTubers discuss issues in their businesses and we help each other come up (and you!) with ideas and answers that will move their channel’s business forward.

In this episode Tim Schmoyer is in the hotseat and he asks for advice in prepping media decks and reaching CMOs for sponsorships. He has some of the basic elements down, such as communicating his channel’s story and mission, demographics, social reach, engagement, and things like that, but there’s a lot perspectives the group shares that’s helpful for him.

Together they discuss rate sheets, the length of the media deck, other metrics to include, getting testimonials, as well as the idea of doing the whole deck as a video.

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This Episode’s Sponsor

famebitThanks to FameBit for sponsoring this very first episode!

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Find a deal that fits your channel and audience, submit a proposal, work out the deal, make the video, and once it’s approved you’re paid with 24 hours.

Definitely check out FameBit and learn more about how to get started with brand deals and sponsorships on your YouTube channel.

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