How’re you doing with all of the global-pandemic-being-stuck-in-your-house thing? My family was definitely feeling stir crazy, so we decided to go on a long biking trip last week.

We had all the big kids on bikes and threw the younger ones on the back of our ATV and made it 4.5 miles. Not too bad for a family of nine!

During this time of being quarantined at home, we want to support you in the best ways we can.

I asked my long-time editor, Julia, if she’d be willing to share her tips for creating better videos that get MORE views with our Video Creators family and she said yes!!! Here is what she had to say.

  1. Get to the point as quickly as possible. When someone clicks on your video, they are looking for some sort of value. This could be informational, community/relational value, or entertainment. If the viewer isn’t getting that within the first few seconds of clicking on your video, they’re out.
  2. Show your most effective images in the intro. Because you only have those first few seconds to grab someone’s attention, you want to make sure you’re holding the viewer’s attention by keeping the pacing of the intro quick. During the intro, you want to do things like adding a lot of cuts and including strong images or B-roll in the intro to make your point stronger and to entice the viewer to keep watching.
  3. Don’t repeat information unnecessarily. A common mistake Julia sees with a lot of clients she works with is the text on the title and thumbnail being exactly the same. Remember to use these to play off each other and tease the story or value you’re providing in your video. Also, this applies to the video too. Don’t keep saying the same thing in different ways to make the video longer. If you are still delivering value, it doesn’t matter or long or short your video is.

If you want to learn more about Julia and the work she does, you can find more about her and her website below.

Hope this was helpful as you’re working on leveling up your editing skills during this time!

Take care and stay safe out there.

Thanks for reading!

Keep changing lives,


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