This YouTube channel has been flat for over a year, so now that I have more time to give to it I’m evaluating my content strategy here and how I deliver valuable and helpful videos to you. As I’m starting to dig into my YouTube video strategy here, there’s a few things I consider as I decide how to change what I’m doing to better grow the channel and serve the community here. In this video I show you behind-the-scenes of what I’m thinking and ask for some of your feedback.

Energy Level

The first thing I look at is my energy level, my excitement level for the content. Am I still excited about making these videos? And to be totally honest with you guys, I think that’s what you want, right?

YouTube Analytics

The second thing I evaluate are the YouTube Analytics, how are the views doing, how’s the engagement going, what’s the watch time like, and how is the channel converting new people into subscribers. Check out Socialblade and their charts for a quick snapshot of important analytics on your channel.

Value Proposition & Target Audience

The third thing I evaluate is my value proposition for my target audience. And that basically means who is it that I am going after currently – who is the most ideal subscriber to this channel? And is that someone I’m still excited about reaching? In this case, absolutely I still am.

The value proposition, which is what value do I propose to deliver to that target audience, which is hopefully information, and training, and inspiration, and help, and encouragement, and advice on how do you grow the channel. How do you reach the new people, and how do you accomplish that mission that you set for your channel?


So then number four is I need to brainstorm new ways of delivering that value to you guys, that target audience. And so that’s what I’m working on right now. There’s a few key things for me that have to be true about the content strategy going forward.

  1. It has to be sustainable, and it has to be something I could continue to produce regularly on a regular schedule, that’s going to be equally as valuable for you guys every single time I do it.
  2. It also can’t quadruple my budget or take a lot more time to produce than like another normal video. If it takes a lot more time, that’s going to be harder for me to keep doing it consistently for you guys. And if it costs a lot more money to do, it’s also going to be hard for me to do consistently.
  3. It has to be fun for me to create. And I need to know that it’s helping you guys, that it’s serving you well, that this is giving you what you need, and helping you accomplish the mission that you have for your channel.

I have brainstormed a whole list, a whole series of new ideas for you guys. And here on my computer, this is a project management tool called Trello that I use. It’s free. Love it. You guys can check it out if it’s something you want to use. So I have like random ideas here that don’t really fit into any particular category. And I thought on Monday we’d do a LiveStream with you guys, and so these are some of my ideas for content for LiveStreams with some ideas in here. I thought on Tuesdays I’d do like a blog or kind of like behind the scenes– what’s going here on here, video creators– and more kind of like what’s the lifestyle of a creator. So here we are addressing like a question someone asked about narcissism. This is this video right here, process for creating content– how I balance YouTube with family– process that I go through revising titles, camera gear, why do YouTube downsize being a creator, just things like that about kind of the lifestyle of being a creator.

Wednesday, I haven’t quite figured out what to do with this. I do a lot of channel consultations with different creators every week, and so I thought that’s a lot of content that I can potentially record and use somehow with you guys– sort of taking their entire consultation, like the hour long thing– and maybe hour and a half sometimes– and just putting it up on YouTube. Maybe you guys would be interested in that. You can let me know in the comments below. And then I could swipe over to the right here a little bit more. Thursday would be on my more normal, standard how to videos, you know, why you should introduce Patreon to your community. But all the rest of these would be more how to like how to optimize playlists, how to find instant YouTube Analytics for a LiveStreams, how to use groups in YouTube Analytics. These are just kind of draft working titles right now.

And then Friday I thought maybe I will do some comment reactions like taking all of your comments from the videos in that week and just responding to them– not all of the comments but a lot the top comments that get the most thumbs up and responding to them, answering those questions, giving you guys feedback, giving follow up with some of the things you guys asked me that maybe were unclear the previous time. I haven’t quite figured out do with the Friday thing yet.

But that would be like a week, every weekday type of schedule, which I am really excited about. Like that would be so fun– that going back to my principles– hopefully, like when I’m figuring out here, it’s ways I can still continue to produce content for you that’s valuable to my target audience that doesn’t cost me four times much more money, and doesn’t take a ton more time for me.

The fifth step for me then, after I brainstormed all these different ideas, is to start testing them. And you guys, who have been around the channel for a few weeks, have seen a few of the previous tests I’ve done with behind the scenes vlogs, and kind of talking more about the creator lifestyle, and what that entails– and how I process things, and manage things, and handle things. And those videos were a lot of fun to do. And so this is kind of another like one of those tests.

And then assuming that the tests go well, then number six is then I start actually implementing. And I do it on a regular weekly schedule here with you guys, and you continue to evaluate going forward. Now, one of the things I’m going to be doing to evaluate things going forward is I’m going to be taking each of these new series and organizing them into what’s called a group in YouTube Analytics, so I can clearly and easily see how is this series converting people into subscribers versus this series? And that will be another video coming up here in the future probably in a few months as we move forward from now. I’ll show you guys exactly how I do all that and make some decisions actually about the content on this channel.

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