Today, we’re going to talk about how you can grow and build your YouTube channel when you have a wide variety of content that you’re publishing on that channel.

Jacob Rucker tweeted me and asked this–

“Hey, Tim. I do daily vlogs, and the question I have is that with such a wide variety of content, how do I market my channel?”

Great question, Jacob. Let me give you a different way to think about your channel. What you’re doing is very common. A lot of people think about their channel based on the type of content they’re doing. Oh, I’m doing vlogs. Oh, I’m doing beauty tutorials. Oh, I’m doing tech reviews. Oh, I’m doing cooking, DIY stuff, whatever the case may be.

Pitch Why it Matters

And so rather than thinking about what your channel does, instead, it’s better and more compelling if you pitch your channel around the why it matters, not what but the why. Because at the heart of the reason why someone would subscribe to your channel in the first place is because that your channel, your videos, offer some sort of value to the viewer.

And channels that can quickly pitch that value in a really easy, digestible, succinct way will perform a lot better here on YouTube than if you just say, hey, I do vlogs, or hey, I do cooking, or hey, I do this. People are like, that’s fine. And then they have to do the work for themselves to figure out if your vlog, if your cooking, whatever, is valuable to them or not.

So from a marketing perspective in how you pitch your channel to a non-subscribed viewer, if you can make it very easy for them to quickly determine who your channel is for– is it for me? Is this a place where this person is talking to someone like me?

Is Your Pitch Valuable to Non-Subscribers

And then two, is it valuable for them? So that person can quickly answer that question in their mind, is this channel for me, and is it valuable for me? Then it becomes far more easier to subscribe.

So to answer your original question, how should you pitch your channel? If you can deliver a specific value to a specific group of people, that is why they’re going to subscribe in the first place. And so if the value you’re delivering is consistent, then it almost doesn’t matter what style of video.

You could do vlogs. You could do how-to. You could do trainings. You could do storytelling. You could do animation. It removes the limits on the style of your channel and the actual content you make. You can make a variety of different content if you are offering that value that you propose to offer in the videos that you’re making.

So what I do is I said, hey, I’m going to teach you guys how to develop your audiences and master YouTube so that your message can spread, and reach people, and change lives. That’s the why behind this channel. So you guys see it in every video that I do.

At the very beginning, it’s master YouTube. That’s the what. The why is spread your message. And then if I was going to make it longer and add the goal, that would be to change lives.

So whatever niche your videos are in, if you can figure out that why, your videos will be far more compelling. And then when they come to your vlogging channel, you’re not just pitching, like, hey, we’re daily vloggers. Instead, you’re pitching, hey, we’re daily vloggers because, blank. Fill in that why.

Because we believe– like in my family’s vlog case– we believe that family is supposed to be a team. And we’re exploring how we can work together as a team. So join us.

And now we can do vlogs. We can do skits. We could do DIY stuff that revolves around becoming a family team. And we now have greater flexibility about the actual content that we’re publishing because it’s actually still all revolving around the reason why someone subscribed, which is learning how to become a family team.

If you really want to dive deep into all this about how to promote your channel, and set it up, and how to figure out your target audience and your value proposition for them and all that, I highly recommend you guys check out my book. It’s called “30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel.” And the first three days are completely free. And those are the three days that really dig deep into what we’re talking about here.

Go over to that page, download the first few days for free. And really dig into who are you targeting and why should they care about your channel. What value are you going to propose to them?

And those first several days really help you unlock a lot of this in a very practical, step-by-step, answer to this question, answer to that question, type of way. I would also love to hear from you guys in the comments below. How would you answer Jacob’s question? And what advice do you have for him?

And if you are in Jacob’s question, read the advice that other people are leaving down there. I know you’ll find a lot of really helpful, valuable stuff, just like I always do every week from you guys. So thanks for contributing down there.

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