We talk a lot about growing a YouTube audience, views, subscribers, money, and things like that, but today is an important topic because it’s what you do to protect that investment. Growing a YouTube channel only to lose it to a hacker, an Internet attack, or a creeper showing up on your doorstep is one of the worst ways to lose everything you worked so hard to build.

A lot of us think we’re already doing a pretty good job securing ourselves, our content, and our Internet activity. I know I did. It wasn’t until I bumped into a few security issues with my online activity and hearing stories from a few friends of mine who are very Internet savvy that I decided a few extra, simple steps could make a big difference in securing my business and everything I’ve worked so hard to build online.

That’s what I discuss in this episode: a few of my own personal stories with Internet security, why it’s so important to us as creators, and the four steps we should take to protect ourselves online.


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