Are you feeling burnt out? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Do you feel like nothing can move forward without you doing everything?

We just got over our second round of covid over here, combined with a stomach bug and I’ll tell, ya, I am SO THANKFUL I have a team who helps make everything happen.

Most creators think that if they just hire people to do some of their work for them that everything will be solved, but that’s not true. The time your team frees up just ends up getting filled with other responsibilities, and that’s assuming you even find someone in the first place who’s can meet your expectations for quality work.

Grant Thompson started, , and grew it to 6 million subscribers. He hit his max and then learned how to scale everything around his channel. When he passed away in 2019 his channel continued to grow even without him. Today his channel has new hosts and 13 million subscribers.

On this podcast, I talked with his wife about what life was like when he was stressed out on his channel, how he broke free from that stress, got back to 5 hour work weeks, and even left behind a channel that grows in his absence.

Keep Changing Lives,

Tim Schmoyer

PS- If you are feeling totally burnt out and need help with developing systems of knowing where to get help, we are here to .