This week I made pancakes for 15 people.

If it sounds like a lot of work… that’s because it was! :)

If you don’t know, we’ve had a family staying with us since the beginning of the year and with our family combined with theirs, we eat a LOT of pancakes!

If you’re a parent (or have ever babysat) you probably know that most kids can be PICKY eaters. It can be hard to sell them on the stuff that’s good for them… like broccoli or brussel sprouts (I don’t even want to eat those), but pancakes? That wasn’t a hard sell!

Selling is a skill.

You have to sell yourself to get a date, a job, or to get people to watch you on YouTube.

Selling doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t be) a sleazy thing. There are good salesmen and there are slimey salesmen. If you want to make more money online or through YouTube, you’ve got to sell… so might as well be a good salesman!

Here’s how to sell on YouTube WITHOUT being super sleazy.

Don’t feel sleazy.

Don’t roll your eyes!

I’m serious.

If your product/service is valuable and you know it, selling shouldn’t feel sleazy. You may not know how to approach selling in an organic way, but you should be excited to share more about your product/service and it should be evident by the way you live your life that it’s something you believe in. People can tell when someone isn’t ALL in on what they’re selling.

I know asking for someone’s money can be hard or awkward.

But if you are delivering value upfront and integrating what you sell into your daily life (even if it’s just showing what you do on your Instagram stories without a call to action to buy), that’s how you do it!

We have a practical example of how we do this in our podcast above where we answered more of your online business questions.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading.

Keep changing lives,


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