Got a quick question from JessaJay, who wrote and asked this.

Quick question, how do I create a description box that automatically has all my social media sites and info, automatically, every time, so I don’t have to retype it in every time. Is this possible?

Yes, it’s totally possible, using a feature on YouTube called the upload default. So let me take you to my desktop, and show you exactly how to use it.

First of all, you’re just going to log in to YouTube, come down to your creator studio, go to channel, and then upload defaults. And this is where you set everything you want to be a part of every single video that you upload. So the privacy you want to be default, what category default, license, title, description. This is what you’re asking for specifically right here.

So this is the default text that I have in all my videos, just a little summary of what it’s about, subscribe, my free eBook, support my channel. And then here’s my social links that I have here, both video creators and personal ones here. So if you have some default tags you always want to have show up in every video, you can do that, also allow comments. You can select all these to be default.

So then what happens when you go to upload a video is that– see, it’s already set to private. And as soon as I start uploading a video, you can see that here it’s all filled in. So here’s all that description text already done. I didn’t have any tags, but you can see under the advanced settings the category is set, and all these things, all the settings are automatically set as soon as I started uploading the video. So that definitely saves you a lot of time.

What text, and things, and information do you recommend putting as default text in the description of all your videos as you upload them? I would love to hear from you guys and learn from you. The rest of you guys, you want to know what other people in the community are doing, read the comments down there as well.