How To Hire and Build a Team Around your YouTube Channel [Ep. #38]

The fastest growing and most successful YouTube channels are no longer one-man shows. While it's still possible to grow by yourself, it's a lot easier and more productive to find and hire a team to support your channel, the videos you create, the community you're developing, and the business that surrounds all of it. In this live stream we'll discuss our process for finding, hiring, and building a team around our YouTube channels.

LIVE: When and How to Start Hiring your YouTube Team [Ep. #18]

As a full-time YouTuber, your time has many demands that will lead to the need to hire a team to support your YouTube business and audience. Today Clintus is in the hotseat and is in a place where he may need to start hiring help soon. We'll talk through his situation as well as how the rest of us have proceeded (or not proceeded) with hiring a team.

How To Find and Hire your YouTube Team

If your YouTube channel is growing and you want to know how to find and hire people for your YouTube team, there are a few places to do so. I use personal references, Craigslist, and UpWork to find and hire people for my team, like my video editor, business manager, administrative assistant, and others. These new hires start on a trial project or, for on-going tasks, on a 3-month trial basis. After that we re-evaluate how they fit on my team. In this video we'll walk through the exact process you can use on sites like UpWork to find and hire freelancers for your team and future projects so that you hire the right fit for your team.

How I Grew a Team for my YouTube Channel

The most successful YouTube channels have a small team behind them. Here's how I grew my team and principles for building your own team that surrounds your channel, helps you reach your goals, communicate well with your audience, and serve people well. Right now I have a business advisor, business manager, video editor and graphic designer, accountants, Facebook community manager, and a Spanish translator working regularly on my team, and I'll be expanding it as the needs grow.