How To Hire and Build a Team Around your YouTube Channel [Ep. #38]

The fastest growing and most successful YouTube channels are no longer one-man shows. While it's still possible to grow by yourself, it's a lot easier and more productive to find and hire a team to support your channel, the videos you create, the community you're developing, and the business that surrounds all of it. In this live stream we'll discuss our process for finding, hiring, and building a team around our YouTube channels.

How To Work with a Video Editor on your Team

If you're just starting to work with a video editor, here are the tools we use to share our video files, stay organized, and communicate about each of them. We also discuss 10 tips on how to best work and communicate with your video editor so your relationship is effective and efficient.

How I Grew a Team for my YouTube Channel

The most successful YouTube channels have a small team behind them. Here's how I grew my team and principles for building your own team that surrounds your channel, helps you reach your goals, communicate well with your audience, and serve people well. Right now I have a business advisor, business manager, video editor and graphic designer, accountants, Facebook community manager, and a Spanish translator working regularly on my team, and I'll be expanding it as the needs grow.