The key to growing a YouTube channel and engaging an audience is to be able to tell stories that capture people’s attention. Yes, metadata, YouTube SEO, titles, tags, descriptions, thumbnails, captions, etc., are all important, but none of those things actually make people want to keep watching your videos. Growing your channel’s watch time really comes down to storytelling, and how you tell those stories visually on-screen.

I’ve been learning a lot about how to tell stories better, which led me to Margot Leitman and her book, “Long Story Short.” I read it and found it to be very helpful, so I brought her on the show to share some of her insights with you so can you can learn to tell better stories on your YouTube channel and better engage your viewers.

Check out Margot Leitman’s book, “Long Story Short: The only storytelling guide you’ll ever need.”  (affiliate)

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