How is your week going?

This is how mine went…

Yep, that’s right… I let my daughter cut my hair. It was a fun time for us both. I posted the picture on my personal Facebook page (just for friends and family) and I got this comment on it:

“You didn’t get any cool lightning bolts on the sides? How can we 10x our views when we don’t 10x our hair, Tim? 😂

It made me laugh that my friends and family know what I do and talk about all the time so well.

Even though I didn’t 10x my hair… I do work with creators and brands every day to help them 10x their channel’s results.

I’ve noticed 5 strategies across-the-board (regardless of niche) that every channel can implement to position themselves for massive growth.

Here are those strategies.

  1. Create your “home base”. If you’re tired of hearing me talk about target audience and value proposition, there’s a good chance this isn’t strong enough in your business or channel. Who is the person who will binge your content? Who will be your raving fan? Who will your videos resonate the most with? Who is this person? Go to, find a stock photo of this person, name them, spend hours writing down who they are, what they love, what they hate, what they want, why they can’t have what they want, and what would happen if they could get what they want. Only you can do this work. This will help you create videos that your viewer will feel like is hand-made for them.
  2. Design your channel. It is such a great feeling when one of your videos takes off and performs better than you thought it would. When this happens, a new viewer may watch your video and be curious about you. They’ll click on your channel page to see what other videos you have and what you’re all about. You’ll get 1-5 seconds for your viewer to “get” what you’re about based off of the channel art, icon, channel trainer, about page, and the way your videos or playlists are structured. You want to make sure this is designed in a way that makes your viewer feel like your channel is for them.
  3. Craft your videos to deliver value to your target audience. The viewing journey starts from the title and journal and goes to the end of the video and how well your viewer feels like you delivered the value you promised to based on your title and thumbnail. D’Laina, one of our strategists, talks more about how to craft videos for massive growth above.
  4. Think about your community development strategy. In other words, how do you get someone to care about your videos? When building up your channel, it’s important to get viewers to know, like, and trust you. There are tons of ways you can do this, but most importantly, make sure there’s a human element to your videos and you’re show-casing your personality in your videos.
  5. Figure out your discovery strategy. What are some ways you can get new people to your content? Can you collaborate with other creators? What kind of trends can you take advantage of? Where are there areas or spaces you can enter with your videos?If you aren’t sure how to implement or create these strategies, don’t worry. That’s why my team and I created the 30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel course.

    In this course, we hold your hand and teach you step-by-step how to create value, design your channel, craft your videos, develop your community, and create a discovery strategy so you get massive growth on your videos!

    Want to check the course out?

    Go here.

    Thanks for reading! I hope I see you in 30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel. If not, I just hope I see you soon.

    Keep changing lives,