How is your week going? My family and I played around with some fireworks and drones this weekend. It was a fun time (and I still have my drone).

I’m thankful that I have the ability to have created an online business that allows me to spend more time with my family like this and create memories with them that I’ll remember forever.

Maybe that’s all you want.

You want to create a personal brand or online business that allows you the freedom to work from wherever, whenever.

You don’t have to be stuck at your desk all day.

You can travel wherever (in a post COVID world).

And YOU get to choose what to do with your time.

Sound good?

This week, one of the strategists on my team, Lennon, and I are talking about the 7 skills you NEED to have to be able to start your own online business.

These are non-negotiables. Here are some skills you can start working on now to take your business to the next level.

  1. Problem solving. A business exists to solve someone’s problem. Even if you’re in entertainment or are a lifestyle brand. You are solving someone’s problem of boredom or even loneliness. You need to know what problem your content and/or your business are solving for someone.
  2. Think strategically. It’s important to know not just how to solve problems, but how to get ahead of them. Strategy is crucial as you grow a business. You’ll need to know what to say no and yes to. You’ll also need to know what kind of content to make that will generate results for your business… all while keeping future changes in mind.
  3. Think systematically. As you begin to grow and scale, you’ll need to figure out how to create systems for your team, your customers, and your business. Even if you just plan to be a personal brand, chances are you’ll need at least an accountant or personal assistant to help out with tasks that are becoming too much for one person. Creating systems allows you to create a more efficient work flow for you as well as creates space for new team members to come on and crush it in their role.
  4. Think financially. A successful business comes down to math. Does the amount of money coming into your business exceed the amount of money going out? Typically, I find that when you get your personal finances under control, your business finances are great! If you don’t know where to start, I follow Dave Ramsey for most of my business advice and it’s allowed me to not only provide for my family, but to have a team of around 9 people I’m able to pay. You’ve got to get this together to know when you can make those bigger decisions like when to hire, invest in your business, etc.
  5. Resiliency. Can you handle rejection? Stress? Burnout? Distractions? Slow progress? Starting your own business looks glamorous, but it’s not. A lot will happen in the lifetime of your business and it’s important that you are able to pivot when you need to and not give up when it gets hard (and it will).
  6. Communication. This is a life skill, really, but it’s important for your business to communicate what you do and why it matters. You need to clearly communicate your message, your services/products, and communicate with your team to make sure they are doing what is expected of them. Always lean towards overcommunicating.
  7. Be a salesman. You HAVE to learn sales. You have no business without sales. You’re always pitching a video, yourself, or your product or service. It can be learned too. Start with a free YouTube search and work your way up.

There are a few values that aren’t teachable, though, that you need to have to have a long-term successful business. Find out what they are at the end of the podcast.

Thanks for reading!

Keep changing lives,


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