Today with me is Derral Eves from Today, we have key information to show you how to make your videos #1 in search results.

To accomplish this, you need your video to get a lot of watch time and session watch time. One of the best ways to increase watch time and session watch time is to use playlists effectively. Here are some ways to use playlists to improve your video SEO so that they rank better in search results.


1. Using Playlists to Increase Session Watch Time

A playlist is a place where you can put videos and people can watch video after video in a series. This is really useful. What a lot of people don’t do is they don’t use playlists very well. A lot of people on Youtube just make multiple videos and hope that the viewer goes to their channel to find more.

Playlists are important for extending your watch time and your session watch time on your videos, because you can manually curate which videos someone will watch next. This is really important, because I know a lot of you would like to see a lot of your videos in suggested search.


2. Increase Session Watch Time with a Series Playlist

A series playlist is something a lot of people overlook. A series playlist is a playlist dedicated to one topic, theme, or type of content.  There’s a little check box that you can click, and have that video show up and then when it’s done, it automatically goes to the next one in the series.


3. Give Your Series Playlist an Engaging Title and Description

You’re organizing like a card catalog in a library. A series playlist shouldn’t just be easy to find and categorize. You need to optimize it like you would any other video. And you need to make sure the title is engaging, not just “All Videos”. It’s something that would really say, “oh OK, this is what these series of videos are about”.

You can also add a description to give YouTube and also Google more information to actually help promote that. But just having playlists, like just having them on your channel, isn’t enough. How do we promote them so people can actually start the playlist session?


4. Creating a Series Playlist

You have to create the playlist. Then the next thing, you can actually put it on your Channel Page. There’s a place where you can add playlists. And what’s was really fascinating is there are a lot of people that actually go to that Channel Page and they find the content to be great. Then they continually see great content in video after video. Instead of your videos being uploaded in a random scheme, you bring some order to your YouTube Channel Page. Customize that experience and make it easy for people to get into those playlists.


5. Scheduling Content for Playlists

Probably the most important factor, especially when I’m dealing with my clients, is get a way to actually create playlists consistently. So if you’re putting out daily content, you should be creating at least a brand-new playlist every week.

If you’re doing just weekly content, maybe every other week, maybe every three weeks you’re actually adding a brand-new playlist for your YouTube channel. And a lot of people are think, “I can’t have a lot of playlists”. But this is what YouTube wants us to do. They want us to do it literally group videos together. The reason why is it increases session watch time and viewer watch time.

You can put a lot of videos into a playlist, that doesn’t mean that you should. Because, what would happen if you saw a playlist with 200 videos in it? What’s the likelihood of anyone sitting down and watching 200 videos? I like to have just a handful, maybe five, six, sometimes 12. But it just really needs to make sense on the length of the content and how the content kind of works together.

Remember, the goal is to get people to start with one video and continue to watch all the other videos in there. So if you have a ton, they’re probably not going to watch too many of them.

So if you want to learn more about how this influences watch time and session watch time and all of that, check out a video on Derral’s channel. If this is your first time here at Video Creators, I would love to have you subscribe, because we are all about helping you guys grow your YouTube channels and your audience so that you can spread a message that reaches people and changes their lives.