On the outside, YouTube success looks great! Fame, fortune, and freedom. And, while it can include those things, there’s actually an unspoken side of YouTube success that’s difficult to talk about publicly because it can sound ungrateful or because there’s a social stigma against such conversations. It’s not uncommon for successful creators to feel burned out, stressed out, and on the brink of wanting to quit due to all the pressures they feel.

Today, Matthew Tabor of Vsauce joins us to help us understand what causes so much stress for creators, how we can manage those stress levels, and some of the positive side effects of creating in this environment.

Check out Matt’s podcast, “The Create Unknown.” He explores the new dream job of YouTube creator by interviewing some of the most well-known, successful people on the platform. From talking motivation with SmarterEveryDay and iJustine to dissecting the art of the meme with Dr. Grandayy, Dolan Dark, and Vsauce’s Michael Stevens, The Create Unknown goes deep into what it’s actually like to make content for the online world — and how any passion can be turned into a sustainable venture.


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