As YouTube continues to mature, so do the channels and brand deals happening on the site. We’re reaching a stage where some things are becoming somewhat common on YouTube and standards are starting to form, especially in the area of how creators make money on the platform.

Laura Chernikoff, the Executive Director of the Internet Creators Guild, joins us to discuss the research her team did on the current state of brand deals on YouTube. Some of the questions we discuss are:

  • What percentage of creators are basing their income on brand deals?
  • What are the most common types of brand deals that are happening out there?
  • Are creators finding that too many brand deals can hurt their career?
  • What are creators charging, and is it too much? Too low? Just right?
  • Are the rates they charge a guess? How confident are they in their pricing?
  • What can a creator do to be able to charge more money for a deal?
  • Where are most creators finding their brand deals?
  • What are some of the main take-aways for creators based on your research?

We trust this content will help you be more professional in the brand deals you do in the future, but also help make more money and be able to adequately charge what your channel’s true value is so you can continue to serve the people who watch your videos.

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