Wow, I cannot believe how much value is packed into this single episode! It’s basically a full-blown course on how find and manage brand deals for your YouTube channel. We even talk about Instagram deals, too. Chad Rader, who does 6 figure brand deals on YouTube with brands like Disney and Best Buy, reveals everything you need to know about how to make money on YouTube with brand deals and sponsorships.

We discuss…

– Where to find brand deals
– How to price yourself
– Tactics for negotiating with brands
– Invoicing the brands for your deals
– Terms you should know about the contracts
– When to get lawyers involved
– What YouTube managers do for you and when to know when you’re ready for one
– Much, much more

Check out Chad’s channel at GabeBabeTV:

Examples of Chad’s brand deals:

– HBO Max dedicated video –
– Visible dedicated video –
– Dove Men + Care dedicated video –
– Google integrates video –
– Vistaprint (IG only):
– Danimals (IG only):

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Looking for a lawyer to review your brand deal contracts with you? This is Tim’s lawyer for his YouTube needs:

Here’s the video we reference in the episode about how to write a media deck for brand deals:

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