I want to tell you something without it sounding super arrogant (please know that’s not where I’m trying to come from). I’ve just been at this YouTube thing for a long time and one thing I can say pretty certainly is…

There’s a LOT of bad YouTube advice out there.

More and more creators are popping up telling you how to “work” the algorithm that don’t fully understand how YouTube works themselves and are only speaking from their experience with their own channel.

Real experts on YouTube will be able to predictably and consistently reproduce results for a wide variety of creators.

While I’d label us as at Video Creators as experts, I’m not here to brag on my team.

I got to chat with someone I’d considered a YouTube expert, since I’ve seen him reproduce results over and over again for his clients. We got to chat a little bit about what his “formula” is for MASSIVE YouTube growth on this podcast episode. Here’s are some things he had to say.

  1. Understand YouTube’s history. Did you know that YouTube started out as a dating website!? Users were uploading videos that had nothing to do with dating and they eventually decided to shift to the needs of the users and made it a place where users could “broadcast themselves”. At that point, YouTube started to pick up. Understanding YouTube’s history can give you a better understanding of how the platform works, so you know how to create content on the platform that will resonate with viewers better.
  2. Analyze your current situation. Whether it’s your business, YouTube channel, etc. you have to be able to take the data, learn from it, and adjust if you want to keep growing. You could LOVE making a certain type of content, but if the data is showing it’s just not resonating with your audience… then it’s time to change things up.
  3. Understand YouTube’s algorithms. Each algorithm on YouTube has a specific objective. Once you understand that objective, you know what you should look for. Derral explains this more in the full podcast episode.
  4. DON’T rely on ad revenue. Ad revenue will always fluctuate. There’s no predictability in it and there are SO many other (and much better) ways to generate consistent revenue on your channel. We talk about this at Video Creators a LOT and Derral also talks about this in his new book – The YouTube Formula.
  5. Understand your viewers. As humans, when something connects with us, we HAVE to share it with other people. It’s important to understand the people we are sharing our content with. They are not robots, so that (among many other reasons) is why you need to forget about SEO on YouTube and craft content for humans. Stop stuffing keywords. :)
  6. REALLY understand your viewers. Go a layer deeper. Derral goes into what he calls psychographics. He obsesses over things like… what is a viewer’s morning routine? What do they like? Dislike? What makes them tick? What are they responding to online and offline? What channels are they subscribed to?
  7. Define your target audience. Once you have this research and information, you can use this data to define EXACTLY who your target audience is.
  8. Bring value to your audience. Your purpose as a creator (that is trying to grow on YouTube) is to bring value to your audience. You can’t complain about not growing if you’re just putting out content that you’re proud of and you think others want to see if that’s not actually the content they want to see.
  9. Select the right content. Once you have this data, you can select the content your audience DOES want to see.
  10. Integrate storytelling techniques into your content. We have several videos and podcast episodes on storytelling , but storytelling is key to creating videos your audience will want to see.
  11. Analyze and adjust. Continue to analyze and adjust as you move forward to continue making content that will get massive growth.

Again, this just applies to creators who want to experience massive growth. It’s a LOT of work, but if you put in the work it WILL get you the results.

If you’re just a hobbyist and want to be creative, then you can just do that too!

Sometimes it’s actually necessary to spend some time getting better at basic skills like editing, filming, camera presence, and design before trying to achieve massive growth on YouTube.

I know that’s a LOT of information and you can always pick up .

But if you are still feeling lost and like you need a real person to talk to in order to move forward with your channel, my team and I would love to connect with you .

We love helping creators get “unstuck” and get results on their channel. So, feel free to hop on a call with us or hit ‘reply’ if you have any questions about that.

Thanks for reading!

Keep changing lives,