Did you know one of my favorite parts of the week is hopping on the livestream (Mondays at 2pm ET) with all of the Video Creators family?

This week was even better because my team jumped on with me and got to know a bunch of you, answer your questions, and provide some value on how you can actually make your channel a sustainable business!

Can you imagine?

What if you could quit the 9 to 5?

Do something you’re passionate about each and every day?

And change people’s lives in the process?

If you’re more of a listener than a reader, you can watch our full podcast above. If you’re more of a reader, read on, because I’m going to share HOW you can make a full-time income utilizing YouTube as a key part of your business.

  1. Focus on building a relationship with your audience. With entertainment and vlogging channels, there’s a lot of tension with how to make money on YouTube. There are no products being sold, so creators aren’t always sure how to make money here. The key here is to build relationships. When you’ve built that know, like, and trust factor with someone, you can do things like start a Patreon page, open up channel memberships, or community memberships via Facebook groups or another platform. You can even stick some of your branding on a mug or a T-shirt! Your die hard fans will buy it. First, you need to build genuine relationships by providing tons of value upfront.
  2. Think about organizing a live event. There’s nothing like face to face meetups. Being able to connect with another person and feel their energy is a great way to build relationships, bring in other authority figures into your event, you can film the event, build up more content, and make money from the event by selling tickets, sessions, merch, sponsorships, etc!
  3. Decide which “business model” route you’d like to go down. There are typically 2 business models we see YouTube creators have. The first is people seeking to be “popular” – going after subscribers and views and their business model is really structured around Adsense and sponsorships. The second model has an idea of digital or physical products or services they’d like to sell and they typically are able to go full-time faster. You can have a mix of both, but know if you take the first route, it will probably take longer.

In other words… the same things that make a business grow are what makes a YouTube Channel grow.

To grow, you need to create, deliver, and capture value.

Want to learn more about how you can do that? Listen to the full podcast above.

I hope this helps!

Keep changing lives,


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