My Top 10 Tips for Working with a Hired Video Editor [Ep. #94]

I have two video editors on my team who edit all my videos for me. It’s amazing to have them as part of the team that supports this community now, but they weren’t always here. Several years ago I learned the value of hiring a video editor for my YouTube channel. It started with one guy who learned to use Premiere Pro just to edit my videos and now I have two people who edit so my time is free to work on developing the business side of my channel.

It can be a tough transition for a YouTube creator to give up editing their videos. Sometimes the issues that come out actually affect the person who’s editing for you, too. So these are my top 10 tips for working with a hired video editor for your YouTube channel so both you and the editor experience success in your working relationship so your YouTube community ultimately wins.

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  1. Colin Clapp December 20, 2017 at 9:47 am - Reply

    Hi Tim. Seen a few of your videos and just came across your podcast. Listened to this episode and thoroughly enjoyed and valued your insights. I particularly liked how you went out your way to make sure creators treat their editors as humans! It’s a sad reflection on society that this even needs to be said, but I’ve been in the world long enough to know that it was advice worth sharing.

    I know you didn’t want to go deep on the last point but I very much appreciated you differentiating the skill sets of your two editors and how that needs to be reflected in your job description. Out of curiosity do you have a ‘template’ you use/adapt for hiring editors? Have you got any more in-depth videos on the subject of actually writing a good hiring brief?

    Now going to check out your Patreon page…



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