Can you believe we’re coming up to the end of 2019? Where did the time go?

Here at Video Creators, we are getting more and more serious about tracking our and our client’s results through YouTube’s analytics.

Since we are getting more serious about it, we wanted to share some of the more important analytics with you so you know what to look for as you’re planning out your video content for 2020. We want this to be your best year on YouTube ever! So, here’s how you can use your analytics as a tool to move forward with making better content that’s data-driven.

First things first:

Before you look at the numbers, you need to know:

  1. What objectives you’re trying to accomplish.
  2. What can you practically (or measurably) do to get you towards those results?

It’s important to have clarity, so you know WHAT numbers are going to be important to look at in your analytics.

One more thing: Obsess over people, not the numbers.

We’ve seen too many creators obsess over the numbers…. but each subscriber and view represents a real-life person. That’s who we need to serve well as creators.

Now that we’ve established what we need to do BEFORE looking at the numbers, here are some analytics you’ll want to look at in your YouTube Studio:

  1. Thumbnail/title CTR rates and impressions. These are going to be helpful in you figuring out which thumbnails and titles are working and which ones are not.
  2. Audience retention graphs. Look for patterns here across your videos — what caused abandonment? What caused retention?
  3. End screen elements shown. How many people got to the end of your video? The higher this number is, the better your watch time is!
  4. End screen CTR. How many end screens are clicked on at the end of your videos? The more you can get people to click on your end screens, the longer a viewer’s “viewing session” lasts, and the more likely your content will be suggested on YouTube!
  5. Year over year growth. We often forget how far we’ve come in 1 year. It’s easy to see what’s right in front of us. By looking at year over year growth, you’ll be able to see a wider shot of your progress on YouTube. Celebrate the wins and if you still aren’t hitting your goals, no worries! We can help you out with that!

​I go into much more detail in the podcast on each of these analytics, how you can find them, and what to look for.

Let us know what you’re noticing when studying these analytics. We’d love to hear your goals for 2020 and help you in any way we can!

Thanks for reading.

Keep changing lives,


PS. If you are still having trouble with your analytics, we’re happy to go over those in a 1-hour consultation. Book one with us here.