We saw a lot happen in 2018, trends that impacted the way we all grow our audiences on YouTube. Today, some of those trends continue into 2019 and are important for us to consider as creators as we plan out next year’s growth strategy.

Reza Izad, the co-founder and CEO of Studio71, joins us to share what they see coming up in 2019 as industry trends we should be aware of in 2019, including platforms, business models and monetization, algorithms, OTT, podcasting, and more.

Reza Izad is co-founder and global CEO of Studio71, a multi-platform media company that produces and distributes original entertainment programming. As global CEO of Studio71, he helms the most engaged digital network on YouTube with 1,300 channels driving 7 billion views a month.

Check out Studio71 at https://www.studio71.com


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