Patreon is an amazing platform for both fans and creators alike because it flips the normal business model of how content is supported. Typically the audience is the real product that’s sold to sponsors and advertisers, but on Patreon the content itself can become the product that’s funded by the people who actually find value in it. When that happens, it changes who the creator “reports to” and how they spend their time in creating the content and making it sustainable. It’s actually a great system for everyone all the way around!

In this episode I talk a bit about why I think Patreon is a great tool for both creators and fans as well as some of the ideas I plan to impelement that will help me keep patrons of Video Creators on-board for the long haul. I trust these tips, ideas, and concepts will help you as you develop your own Patreon page for your fans.

I’d love to have you become a patron of Video Creators!

If you sign up to create a Patreon page with your audience, use this special link to get a cash bonus from Patreon for however much support you get from your viewers within 30 days of signing up.

Here’s where you can listen to my full interview with Peter Hollens about Patreon.

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