Do you ever look at the “big” creators and wonder what their secret is?

How do they get millions of real people to engage with their videos and connect with them?

If you could just get your videos in front of the right people, you know you’d grow too!

Maybe you even received comments like “I don’t know how you don’t have more subscribers.”

After working with hundreds of creators with 100K subscribers and up, we’ve noticed some common themes and things they do that got them growing fast and keep them growing! Here are the secrets big YouTubers use to explode their channel growth.

  1. Collaborating with other YouTubers. For some reason, a lot of smaller creators stick to themselves a lot more and don’t collaborate with other creators as much. YouTube isn’t a competition, though. Viewers can like more than one channel, like you probably watch and enjoy more than one TV show. Cross promoting channels by collaborating can bring in a ton of new growth when you do it right, with a channel who you know creates videos for your target audience.
  2. Plan their videos ahead of time. Most larger creators spend a lot more time planning their content than they might even filming it! They’ll research, study their analytics, plan the videos, titles, thumbnails, and the opening hook all in pre-production. We notice that smaller creators usually just hit record, come up with the title/thumbnail while the video is uploading, and the video typically doesn’t perform as well.
  3. They’re telling engaging stories. A large difference we notice in our clients with a smaller vs. larger subscriber base is that the larger creators are focused less on the numbers and more on how to make their subscribers FEEL something. They’re trying to figure out how to connect with their audience and when that happens, growth naturally just happens.
  4. Be persistent. Larger creators are persistent (not to be confused with consistent). That means even when their videos don’t perform like they wanted it to, when they get hate comments, etc. they DON’T give up. They’re trying to get better with each video they create instead of waiting for the algorithm to “notice them”.
  5. Optimize for people, not robots. We almost never work with a high profile client that is focused on keywords. Because YouTube does NOT work the same way as Google. SEO doesn’t work the same way on the platform. You can’t just stuff a bunch of keywords into your title and description and hope to be ranked #1 (that doesn’t even exist either because what shows up in search is customized to each individual user). Instead, they focus on creating content that’s going to resonate with a specific audience (see point 3).

I hope these secrets start helping your channel EXPLODE!

Keep changing lives,


P.S. These are the 5 secrets big YouTubers are using to explode their channels, but if you feel like you’re already doing all of these things, chances are you just need a set of fresh eyes on your channel. Someone who knows YouTube inside out to help you get past what’s keeping you stuck. My team and I would love to meet with you to review your channel and get you “unstuck” and growing FAST! Click here to book a session with us.


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