The title says it all! VidIQ has acquired Video Creators and I am thrilled! Here’s what this means for you and what’s in the future of Video Creators, but first, storytime.


When I started my very first channel on March 2, 2006, l really only had one simple goal: Introduce my girlfriend to my family back home. But when other people started watching those videos, I became confused. How are other people finding these videos? Why are they coming back? And most importantly, who is CatLicker72 and why do they keep commenting on my videos??

All of this led to the beginning of my journey with YouTube Strategy, mostly doing it as a side-gig to help friends and other creators achieve the same results I was seeing until I was hired by a company in 2011 to do it full-time. While I loved that job, the company decided to go a different direction, but encouraged me to start a business doing for others what I had done for them.

So, on January 2, 2013, I started Video Creators. I have always loved seeing lives change and YouTube was an amazing opportunity to make that happen. Before long, my team and I were helping a million people a month through our videos and we started dreaming. What if we could help those million people help their million people? What if we could influence the influencers? And that’s what we set out to do.

Over the years, I’ve been privileged to help work with a huge array of channels from Warner Brothers and Disney to the new creator who has a dream. Each one was equally important to us. Last year we worked individually with 635 clients and we loved every second of it. So, when this opportunity with VidIQ presented itself, it just made so much sense. Instead of working with hundreds of creators, we could scale our impact to literally millions of vidIQ’s weekly users!

Better Together

The CEO and co-founder of vidIQ, Rob Sandie, and I have a long history. We have worked on many projects together and, over the years, I have really grown to appreciate his heart for creators. One of the reasons we have worked so well together is because we have a shared mission of not just coming up with trendy ideas, but strategy and tools that are proven and tested to produce results.

If you haven’t heard of vidIQ before, they’re all about making analytics useful.

  • They bring in the data from your channel and analyze what works and why it is working.
  • They also provide a suite of tools that help you with your channel, including artificial intelligence that gives you video ideas and projections on how the idea might perform on your channel!
  • They let you track other channels that are similar to yours so you can gain insights from what’s working for them.
  • They provide productivity tools, automated channel audits.
  • My favorite feature is in their Chrome Extension. With it, I can see the historical data of any video I am watching on YouTube and see if that video is still growing or if it’s peaked and died. It helps me know a lot about how to craft better videos and even if I should make a similar video on my channel or not.

All of this is so helpful for helping creators grow their channel.

Just like vidIQ, we here at Video Creators are also passionate about seeing creators grow. We just don’t have any tech or software behind us. Instead, our focus has been all about custom one-on-one strategy and group coaching. With my 10+ years of experience, I’ve developed a proven proprietary process (say that 5 times fast) for taking any channel and helping it build momentum organically. Together with vidIQ, we will integrate that channel growth process into their services to help creators grow in a way they never have before.

Did you want to sell Video Creators?

Honestly, it wasn’t something that was on my radar. At the beginning of this year, one company reached out to propose the idea. I reached out to some friends who have more experience with this than I do and, before long, there were 5 different companies who were interested in acquiring us. I ended up getting offers from 3 of them! I chose vidIQ because I’m genuinely very excited for their vision of what they want to do with Video Creators and I love their heart for creators. Plus, it’s the best opportunity to reach more people and have the biggest impact on creators. I couldn’t be more excited about this new mountain to climb and what this could do to help creators everywhere.

What This Means For You Guys

At first there won’t be any major changes. We will still have weekly podcast episodes and training emails. We will also still be providing access to our and. So for the time being, you probably won’t even notice a difference. But at some point, our products and services will be integrated into vidIQ’s services. This could be months or it could be a year. We honestly don’t know yet. But if you’ve ever wanted to work with us at Video Creators, now is the time.

If you’re not already a vidIQ user, we have a special deal for you so you can not only get access to their suite of tools for YouTube Creators, but follow along in real time as Video Creators becomes a big part of what they offer in the future. Go to and register for an account now to get 1 month free of their Boost plan.

Have questions for us in the meantime? If we get enough questions, it might just turn into its own podcast episode.

But I do want to end by saying thank you to each and every one of you for being a part of our lives and helping us reach more people and change more lives. It’s been a tremendous pleasure serving you under the Video Creators brand and it will be a huge pleasure to take this to a whole new level with vidIQ.

Keep Changing Lives!

Tim Schmoyer

. . . .

P.S. If you want to hear the fuller story about the acquisition and what it means for us, click here to listen to . I go into more detail there. And check out , too.