Video SEO and Channel Optimization – LIVE Hangout

Video SEO and Channel Optimization – LIVE Hangout

This month’s LIVE YouTube Training covered the topic of video and channel optimization. Our guests, Mark Robertson of ReelSEO and Ronnie Bincer, the Hangout Helper, shared a lot of great advice, tips, and information regarding video SEO, channel SEO, and more.

Highlights / Tips

  • What is Optimizing for Search: Retention / Reach: 14:08
  • Difference between Retention and Reach: 18:04
  • View-time / Time Watch Tip: 23:18
  • Reach NEW People: 27:02
  • FREE E-book “The Secrets to Building a Youtube Audience”: 28:47
  • Dealing with comments: 31:13
  • Video Ranking: 33:01
  • Building communities / exposure: 35:32
  • Increase time watch: 37:05
  • Playlist to boost visibility: 39:10
  • Metadata habits: 42:28
  • Teasers / ideas: 43:04
  • Cross promotion: 43:56
  • Optimization thumbnails: 46:02
  • Description text: 49:01
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  1. Video Broadcast Services June 26, 2013 at 10:23 am - Reply

    Great hangout. Thanks for sharing this information to help us improve our rankings. I will have to say that I tend to agree more with Ronnie on the closed captioning helping with the optimization.

    • Tim Schmoyer June 28, 2013 at 3:09 pm - Reply

      Glad you found it helpful!

      The captions thing is tricky. The question is whether the captions themselves contribute to stronger SEO or whether the viewer behavior on videos that have caption files contribute to the stronger SEO (i.e. audience retention, longer watch times from those with English as a second language, etc.). I tend to lean more toward the latter because YouTube has shown time and time again that they don’t place much SEO weight on metrics that can be gamed, such as likes, dislikes, comments, and other factors. All those things are still helpful for SEO because of the behavior that people who engage in such activities around a video are likely to contribute to the video (i.e. watch time), but in and of themselves don’t make much of a difference. I put captions in that same category.

      Ultimately, though, I could be totally wrong. I don’t see the algorithm nor know exactly what it factors in. It’s just my theory, that’s all.

      • Video Broadcast Services June 28, 2013 at 3:19 pm - Reply

        That is a good theory Tim. If we could see the algorithm and know exactly what factors in we could make billions :).

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