Unpopular take: YouTube does NOT care about your keywords.

Maybe you’re tired of hearing me say this, but the thing is… I ALWAYS get pushback on this from someone with an SEO background.

And I get it.

But here’s the thing: Google and YouTube’s search engines do not work the same way.

YouTube’s AI system is INCREDIBLY advanced – way more than you think it is.

It can detect frame by frame what is going on in each frame without you even titling your video!

Watch a more detailed look into how it all works in the video above.

Putting all of your focus on SEO or keywords on YouTube is unnecessary and is what may be holding you back from growing!

Despite what you may hear or think, the algorithm is NOT out to get you. :-)

The goal of YouTube’s algorithm is to deliver the right video to the right person at the right time.

And the way the algorithm measures if it’s doing this well is through viewer signals. (i.e. How is the viewer responding to this video when we’re putting it in front of them?)

Here’s what you need to fous on instead.

Optimize for humans. Not for robots.

How do you do that?

Some of the most effective ways we teach our clients to optimize their content for their viewer is to strengthen their primal branding, storytelling, and to know EXACTLY who they’re creating videos for (because when you do, you create videos they’ll fall in love with!)

We have tons of free resources and content on .

But we understand that sometimes you just need to talk to a real person to figure out why things still aren’t working when you feel like you’re doing all of these things well already. That’s why to help you get “unstuck”, so you can start growing and reaching more people making the content you’re passionate about! If you want to meet with one of our certified YouTube growth strategists to work through this stuff, .

Are there one of these areas you’re struggling with more than another? Or did something “click” with you that helped your channel really take off?

Let us know!

Thanks for reading.

Keep changing lives,