If you want to grow your YouTube channel and get more views and subscribers in 2017, these successful creators share some of their tips, ideas, suggestions, and advice for how to best be successful on YouTube. Their experience reveals that success on YouTube includes both a lot of the audience growth best practices you’ve heard for a while, as well as some new perspectives that may change how you develop your channel going forward.

Tip #1

OK. Number 1 tip for being successful on YouTube is probably to believe that you can be successful. A lot of people underestimate themselves. So having that confidence that you could be successful, I think, makes all the difference.

Yeah. I can echo off that too. The ability to do something you love and create things and make maybe a profit off of it, I think that’s the coolest thing. And I think that’s truly– That’s the dream.

Yeah. That’s the dream. And anyone can do it, so don’t be afraid.

It takes full commitment and you have to have passion for it because without the passion, you’re not going to keep going and you’re not going to commit.

Delivering valuable content consistently until you make a full-time income.

Tip #2

To be successful on YouTube, in my opinion, is more than being on YouTube. People get wrapped up in the YouTube comments and YouTube and stuff. But I think that with YouTube, you have to branch out to the other social media platforms.

Some of the ways that I’ve gotten in touch with everybody here is through Twitter. Twitter is a more direct way to contact people, tell them that you watch their videos. People check the Tweets a lot quicker than they check their YouTube comments, in my experience.


And consistency.

Tip #3

I think part of the secret to finding success on YouTube is doing what you love. You have to be passionate about it. Just love to do something you’re really passionate about. It’s really easy to make videos about it and upload it. And it’s pretty easy to find success.

So to be successful on YouTube, you have to find something that you enjoy and something that you’re passionate about and just do it constantly. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Because if you don’t practice it and you don’t do it over and over again, you’re not to get good at it.

No sleep at all ever. It’s almost like parenting, but with a computer.

Tip #4

What it takes to be successful on YouTube, I’m still trying to find out. But I think a lot of it has to do with listening to Tim Schmoyer. I’m almost certain that’s a big key to it and that’s not even a joke. Personally, I feel like what is key is to be you and to not follow anyone else’s mode because it’ll get tiring trying to be someone else. So I have to remind myself of that every day. Even though I see other people successful doing what they do, I’m going to be the most successful if I do what I’m supposed to do, not what somebody is doing.

Tip #5

The same thing it takes to be successful in any relationship, you just need to give them attention. And try to understand the feelings and the needs of the individual or individuals behind that camera and really try to give them value and help them.

Tip #6

I think success can be multiple different things. It can be keeping your family happy. It can be having a lot of money. It can be having a lot of views. For me, success is keep my family happy, keeping my priorities in order, keeping God first, and just trying to be the example that I am with my family to my viewers and just trying to do that as much as possible.

Tip #7

I think that success is measured differently by different people. And you, as a creator, have to define that for yourself. Don’t measure success against somebody else’s success. Because what’s successful for that person is absolutely not going to be successful for you. What’s the metric?

It’s completely up to you. It’s not about view counts. It’s not about subscriber counts. It’s not about anything apart from what you want it to be. And in that way, you’re never going to be unsuccessful.

Tip #8

I think there’s so many different pieces into having success. And a lot of that comes with your own definition. But a part of the success, for me, is authenticity. Being authentic and having integrity is a huge part of the success for me as myself for a YouTuber. If I’m authentic and my audience knows it, then that’s a relationship that we build, that we can grow and develop together, and it goes from there and expands from there.

Tip #9

I think the thing that makes people successful on YouTube overall, if you’re defining success as enjoying what you do, making it profitable, practical, and something that you still are passionate about every single day, I think it comes down to doing objectively good videos, videos that you’re proud of, videos that you think create value that you want to see brought into the world. And I think if you can do that and I think if you can do it consistently and I think if you can do it in a way that helps people relate to whatever problem you’re trying to solve or whatever you want to bring into their life, then that’s what it really takes. You have to be in a position to keep doing what you’re doing, be consistent, be creative, and to just remember that this is about what other people are watching and spending time in their life connecting with you over. And it’s not about views, it’s not about subscriber counts, it’s about people, it’s about connections, and it’s about the time that we’re spending together.

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