One of the things I’ll be reviewing in a consultation later today with a creator are the mistakes they’re making on their YouTube channel that are holding them back.

But sometimes successful creators break rules on purpose in order to achieve a desired result on their channel.

A few weeks ago, we hung out with some well-known creators and asked them what their favorite YouTube “rules” to break are.

Some of our favorite rules they mentioned are:

  1. Doing the YouTube face. Joe Scott stopped doing the “YouTube” face in his videos because he felt like it was unoriginal and everyone else was doing it. He now crafts his thumbnails without his face in them.
  2. Having a certain video length. Roger Wakefield realized he didn’t need to keep a video going just to hit a time amount. Now, he finishes his videos once the value has been delivered (that’s when most people are probably done watching your video anyway).
  3. Quality over quantity. Benji Travis shares that daily vlogging means getting content out, rather than it being videos of the highest caliber. He doesn’t recommend it to his students, but it’s a rule he mastered to grow and now he’s able to break it!

Watch the rest of the rules creators said they break by clicking here.

And use their insights to keep changing lives!


P.S. If you just haphazardly break rules on YouTube, you’ll get nowhere. You first need to learn what the rules are in order to break them. If you feel like your channel is being held back because the strategy you’re implementing isn’t working, schedule a one-on-one private session with me or a YouTube strategist on my team here. We’d love to dive in with you!