My team and I get asked a lot what is included inside one of our consultations.

And I get it.

There’s a lot of “marketing gurus” out there who actually have no idea what they’re talking about and who just want to make a quick buck.

Maybe you’ve even had a bad experience with one of them or have felt like you wasted your money.

I’m truly sorry if you’ve had this experience.

While I can’t tell everyone what a consultation will be like (because we cater each consultation to each creator and where they’re at in their YouTube journey), I thought it’d be fun to bring you along for one with a channel that has 1M+ subscribers.

I know, it may be hard for some of you to believe that a channel with over 1 million subscribers has problems, but yes, even the “big creators” have problems too. 😊

This clients were frustrated because they felt like they weren’t keeping up with an equal view count to subscriber ratio and felt that they should be getting more views per video because of how many subscribers they had.

They felt like the momentum was slowing down on the channel and we worked together to figure out how to breathe new life into it.

​Here is what I had them do.

And a lot of these strategies can be applied to your channel too!

Let me know which one resonates with you and your channel. And if you want to meet with me or my team, schedule a session with us here.

Sometimes you just need a set of fresh eyes on your channel to help you figure out where you might be getting stuck. Helping our clients grow is what we LOVE to do!

Keep changing lives,



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