Let’s talk YouTube shorts. We get asked about this A LOT.

Should I use them? Should I not? Should I make them on my channel? Should I create a separate channel for them?

All good questions. :)

We’ve taken some time to do some research and have conversations with YouTube to make sure we could come back at you with some accurate advice. I got to sit on an all day meeting with YouTube, most of which I can’t disclose just yet, but the time we discussed YouTube shorts was really enlightening.

I initially just thought this was a reaction to Tik Tok, but after this meeting, I see that this is a lot bigger than that.

I talk with my fellow strategists on our most recent podcast above about where YouTube shorts are headed. Here are some of our thoughts on YouTube shorts.

  1. A LOT of energy is going into YouTube shorts. Not only is this around to stay, but it’s a significant part of YouTube’s future. YouTube is developing a ‘shelf’ and a whole separate viewing area where you’re able to watch shorts. It’s very possible shorter form content is where video creation is headed. We’re not telling you to scrap longer form content, but YouTube recognizes the strength that shorter form videos are having and they want to dive in to being a big player in the game.
  2. This is an entirely new YouTube built on top of an existing YouTube. YouTube shorts is essentially its own ecosystem with its own, unique viewing experience. They have their own shelf, which leads to a new discovery system, allowing for viewers to grow their audience like they never have before.
  3. This is a new era of video creation. Video creation has been evolving for a while, but the tools for creating and sharing content on mobile devices is growing RAPIDLY. You can grow an insane following and make incredible content solely through your phone. Our current theory is that the shorter form content forces creators to get to the point more quickly and strengthens creator’s storytelling skills naturally, which in turn strengthens their longer form content as a result. It’s really fascinating to watch.
  4. There’s a new wave of gaining exposure due to shorts. There’s more opportunity to gain exposure thanks to shorts. YouTube shorts are encouraging creators to build upon each other’s work and remix it to make new work. Normally, this would cause copyright issues, but with shorts – it’s actually encouraged and the original creator is compensated and gains exposure for his/her work!

What are your thoughts on YouTube Shorts? Have you tested them out yet? Still waiting?

Listen to the rest of the podcast and what I learned in my meeting with YouTube above.

Thanks for reading!

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