There’s a lot of awful things happening in the world right now and we know it’s a difficult time to create content.

In the last few weeks, our team has had a lot of conversations internally and with other creators about how they’re feeling, how we can stay connected during physical distancing, and how we can stand for justice and Black lives that are hurting right now.

The weeks have been filled with heavy and difficult conversations, but ultimately, we know they’re important for us to do better and for real, lasting to change to happen.

We’ve also heard from so many that connection is more important now than ever.

There needs to be hope again.

There needs to be connection happening.

And it needs to feel like we’re moving forward together.

That’s why we will continue to create content that will help YOU change lives. Because we need life change to be happening more than ever right now.

Above is a video we released a few weeks ago on why certain videos get millions of views.

We hope it helps you as you continue to create. As always, we’re here if you need anything at all.