I know how frustrating it can be when you work for hours to film, edit, and optimize a video only to have it not get the results you were looking for.

It stinks.

Maybe you even have a couple thousand subscribers and you feel like you should be getting more views and engagement from your current audience.

The stuff that gets your channel to 1,000 subscribers, though, is rarely what gets it to 100,000.

Today, I want to share some things you can do to get you past the 10K mark and onwards to 100K subscribers and beyond.

  1. Narrow in on your target audience. You can definitely grow by having a general audience, but it’s going to be REALLY slow growth for you to get to 100K subs. What you really need is to know exactly WHO you’re going after and a strategy so first-time viewers feel like your videos are exactly for them. Watch the video above for a little bit more about figuring how how you can do this and know your viewer’s story to a tee.
  2. Your brand needs to be CLEAR to a first-time viewer. My team and I work with a couple hundred creators every month. When we hop onto a consultation call with someone for the first time, we often get confused what someone’s channel is really about. Put yourself into a first time viewer’s shoes. How quickly can a viewer pick up on the value they’re going to get from your channel that would compel them to want more of your videos?
  3. Plan out your content thoroughly. I’m not talking about time here as much as… are you doing the right things in the right order? Are you researching videos thoroughly before filming? Are you creating your title and thumbnail before you film?
  4. Always keep experimenting! Maybe you’ve been making videos that have worked, gotten you the results you were looking for, and have even generated some revenue. That’s great! The thing is… that may have been great for getting you to 10K subscribers, but not to 100K. Doing the same thing over and over again is boring. Even TV shows don’t go longer than 7 seasons, usually. Be willing to experiment with what a 2.0 version of your channel might look like. Don’t be afraid to change things up.
  5. Optimize your content for the viewing session. I know it can be tempting to say things at the end of your videos like “Hope this helps…”, “Thanks for watching…”, etc. What you want to do, though, is get your viewer to keep watching on YouTube! If you can keep your viewer on your videos, this let’s YouTube know the viewer is enjoying your videos and they’ll push it out to similar viewers. We recommend having ONE action item for your viewers to follow up on… usually clicking on an endscreen to watch another one!

Hope these tips help you on the road to 100K! You got this!

Thanks for reading.

Keep changing lives,