This week, my daughter learned how to ride a bike. It’s always a proud dad moment when you let go and they keep their balance and make it to the other end of the driveway!

But that is the result of many falls, knee scrapes, and tears.

There were times she thought she had it, but didn’t. Or times we were so close, but she wasn’t able to stay on by herself for long.

Sometimes, that’s a lot what our YouTube journey is like.

Maybe we start off thinking we’ve “got it” only to “fall” or miss again.

Maybe your channel used to grow, but now it’s not.

What gives?

There are two main reasons why this happens.

  1. Most of your growth might be from older videos. New content is being uploaded to the platform ALL the time. Maybe a high performing video you made a few years ago just isn’t relevant or doesn’t perform as well today. That’s pretty normal.
  2. Your audience might be getting bored with your content. Think about your favorite television series. It doesn’t get more than 3-5 seasons unless it’s a huge fan favorite like Friends or The Office. Musicians reinvent their sound too to stay relevant to what people are interested in today. It’s boring when an artist, show, or creator generates the same content over and over. We like seeing people evolve and change over time! Try adapting your content over time. If you’re not growing and you used to, it may be time for an overhaul.

Don’t wait until the plateau hits. Try to experiment with different content styles on your channel.

I’m not saying you should take a hard left and change your niche, just HOW you deliver your content.

More ideas on how you can start doing this are in the video above.

If you’ve already hit a plateau, it’s not too late! You can shift your strategy and start growing your channel and revenue again. We can help you create a tangible game plan to do that .

You’ve got this!

Keep changing lives,