How are you doing?

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks here at Video Creators. Our team got together for both VidSummit and our annual retreat this year and it’s always so much fun to connect in person after working together remotely for so long.

When our team isn’t helping awesome creators like yourself, we’re usually goofing around somehow because I consider fun to be an unspoken core value. :)

So, this week… I thought it would be a fun time to mix YouTube and fun and talk about the wildest YouTube conspiracies we’ve heard and just having some of the strategists on my team blindly react to them, including… Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, has been able to keep her job so long and through so many disasters, because she has dirt on Sergey Brin (the Founder/CEO of Google)… which she learned from her sister (who divorced him in 2014). 😳

This may be one of my favorite conversations we’ve had on the podcast purely because some of these conspiracies are so ridiculous and some because they’re fun to dissect and we can see how they’d be plausible or how people would think they’re plausible.

To listen to all of the conspiracy theories and our reactions on them, listen to the audio above.

What are your thoughts?

Crazy? Plausible? Somewhere in between?

Let us know!

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