Another month has gone by and that means a new Video Labs class has graduated! We like to ask our Video Lab’s students if they have any advice for upcoming students or just anyone interested in growing a YouTube channel.

It takes a LOT of hard work to grow a sustainable brand and YouTube channel, so we like sharing what we know as much as we can. Here are our recent graduates biggest takeaways from Video Labs and what you need to do to grow a YouTube channel. You can listen to the full podcast episode above where we discuss what they learned and they answer questions from our audience.

  1. Understand your value proposition. This is something SO many of our creators struggle with or think they don’t, but their VP just isn’t strong or specific enough. All a value proposition is, is the answer to the question “Why should people watch your videos?” If time is the most precious resource we have, why should someone spend theirs on one of your videos? What value are you providing to them? If you can answer this question and deliver this value in your videos, you’re definitely going to see growth on your channel.
  2. Know when to have a separate channel for your content. There’s nothing wrong with making different types of content on one channel, especially if there is a common story or underlying theme, but one of our Video Lab’s students had COMPLETELY different styles of content they were publishing for their business and it wasn’t really targeting any specific audience (and they weren’t growing). After creating a separate channel for their specific content, they found it grew much better and they were able to more easily create content for a specific audience instead of throwing up a video and hoping it sticks.
  3. If you want to grow, keep your viewer on YouTube. In Video Labs, we teach students to deliberately not tell your viewer to subscribe, hit the bell, go to your website, and do all of the other things that make your viewer tune out. Your viewer is smart. If they like your content, they know how to subscribe. What you DO want to do is make sure your viewer stays on YouTube, especially on your channel if you can keep them on there. YouTube’s goal is to keep viewers on the platform as long as possible. So, if you can point your viewers to another video or playlist of yours as your call to action (or in a card) and keep your viewer’s journey in mind, you WILL win on YouTube because YouTube will then naturally promote your content organically.
  4. Be authentic. Be you. Creating anything always brings people who love what you create as well as people who will hate what you create and who will let you know it. When you stop trying to chase the views and just focus on creating better, higher quality content that you’re proud of… oftentimes this naturally leads to more growth and a more consistent brand.

Are there any of these areas you need to work on in your own channel or in your creation process?

Let us know! We love hearing from you. 😊

Keep changing lives,


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