Every month, myself and the other strategists on my team run a group coaching program called .

It’s an incredible program we take a small group of creators through to improve their content and grow their YouTube Channels. At the end of one of our latest rounds, I asked some of the students if they’d like to share what the most game changing thing they learned from the course was.

Here are their insights.

  1. Utilize YouTube Shorts. This new feature on YouTube allows you to create “shorter” form content that is similar to Tik Tok and Instagram reels. Shorts are a great option to create content if you are pressed on time and you can also repurpose them for Tik Tok or Instagram Reels if you’re on either of those platforms too!
  2. Tell stories. One of the main things we teach inside of Video Labs is story telling. And, yes, this is incredibly valuable even to educational channels because as humans, storytelling speaks to us in a way nothing else does. Our brain chemistry literally can’t turn away from a good story. It’s all about learning HOW to sprinkle elements of story in your content. We have a if you want to get started learning how to tell stories well on YouTube.
  3. You’re probably not using end screens enough. The goal of YouTube is to keep viewers on the platform as long as possible. One of the ways we recommend doing this is to purposefully utilize end screens. Instead of using ending language and saying “goodbye”, how can you point your viewers to another one of your videos? If you can get viewers to binge your videos and increase your watch time, YouTube will naturally start promoting your content to similar viewers — so you basically win at YouTube!
  4. Improve your thumbnails. You can have created the most INCREDIBLE video in the world, but if no one is enticed to click on it… no one will ever know how amazing it is! You can usually tell that people aren’t clicking on your videos if your CTR (or click through rate) is lower (under 5%). Consider hiring a designer or going through a thumbnail course to improve your thumbnail images.
  5. Craft your viewer’s journey. Your thumbnail isn’t the only thing that gets people to click on your video–the title does too. They actually need to work together in order to entice your viewer enough to click on and watch your video. Once a viewer clicks on your video, is their expectation being met (based off of the information you’ve provided in the title and thumbnail)? Or are you taking 2 minutes to get to the point? The viewer’s journey starts at the title and thumbnail and ends at the call to action. Make sure you’re crafting the whole thing BEFORE you hit record to create better videos that your viewers wants to watch.
  6. Provide value like CRAZY. Here’s a little secret… if you do good and actually help people, they will trust you. If they trust you, they will likely buy from you. You don’t have to hold back because you’re afraid people won’t utilize your paid products or services. Not only that, but your community and engagement will grow like crazy if you have a spirit of generosity and serve your audience to the best of your abilities. So, don’t be afraid to give away your trade secrets! Providing your knowledge is an excellent way to serve people authentically and usually it will come back around to you and/or your business.

Do any of these resonate with you or is there anything you feel like you need to work on when it comes to your YouTube Channel?

Let me know!

Thanks for reading.

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