Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!

I feel really touched and appreciate all of you who have reached out checking in to make sure I’m okay after COVID. It has been no joke, but I’m finally starting to come out of the worst of it and am now out of quarantine and able to hang out with the family.

In lieu of filming a full podcast episode, so you don’t have to listen to my hoarse COVID voice, I decided to release a recorded conversation from one of our Growth Network discussions (the Growth Network is our membership group here at Video Creators).

In this conversation, you’ll hear from me, the other strategists on my team, and Growth Network mentors who answer questions from members who are working hard to grow their YouTube Channel.

It ended up being a really interesting discussion talking about some of the less savory ways creators try to grow like backlinking videos and paying for growth to trying to grow by paying for ads and trying to tap into someone’s audience.

We also talk a lot about YouTube Shorts because that’s the thing we’re most excited about moving forward. If you haven’t seen why, .

I hope this conversation makes you think a little more about YouTube growth and how you can utilize Shorts and other forms of organic growth to hit your channel and business goals on YouTube.

Let me know what you think!

Keep changing lives,