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FULL DISCLOSURE: Vlogger Day is not a Video Creators event. It’s owned, ran, and operated by VloggerFair. I am, however, hosting and leading the Advanced YouTube Track at their Vlogger Day event and am compensated for doing so.

“Create a Business Around your Channel”

You started a YouTube channel because you love to create, you’re passionate about a topic, and you want to change people’s lives.

You heard you could also earn a full-time living on YouTube, so you started your channel, grew your subscriber base, and now see that Adsense is not keeping pace with the amount of money that’s needed to make your channel sustainable, let alone let you launch into full-time status.

Fortunately, almost every creator can grow a business around their audience that far exceeds Adsense revenue. In fact, Tim Schmoyer’s business earned $10,000/month with a subscriber base of only 3,000 people.

In this advanced YouTube track you’ll learn how to create a business around your own YouTube audience in ways that serve your viewers well, grow your channel, and exponentially increase your income.

Not only can your channel change other people’s lives, but it can change yours, as well.

1. Being a creator vs. a business owner
2. Legal business tax classifications for YouTube creators
3. Creating a business model for your channel: Value prop, Target audience
4. How to create a product that your audience loves
5. Creating a sales funnel that doesn’t kill your channel
6. Tools you’ll need for executing your sales funnel
7. Creating a brand that attracts subscribers, sales, and sponsors
8. Basic accounting practices: write offs, operating budget, cash flow, and more
9. Finding, hiring, and growing your team

How to make money as a small YouTube creator