I know, I know. Titles like this seem like click-bait, mostly because we don’t believe that kind of growth is possible. And even when it does happen, it seems to happen to other people, not to us.

That’s what Rokas thought, too.

No matter what he tried, he couldn’t get more than a few thousand views per video. For some people, that’s not too shabby, but he was stuck. He couldn’t figure out why some of his videos performed well, why others didn’t, and how to predictably create videos that actually grew his channel. Any success seemed haphazard and inconsistent.

So earlier this year he registered for Video Labs and worked with me for 8 weeks in our small-group advanced YouTube growth process.

Within a few weeks he posted this screenshot from his YouTube Creator Studio dashboard.

Rokus' first attempt

His first attempt at implementing the principles he was learning in Video Labs quadrupled his growth!

He posted this in our private, online community.

I just teared up and got emotional… (in a positive way)I released a video based on the template we learned last week. I also struggled with titles and thumbnails, had a whole headache with them, but did my best to implement Tim’s feedback. The video is already outperforming other videos and I am sure it will continue to do well. What matters most though is that before I started this course I was about to abandon my main channel and try starting a new one. I wasn’t sure anymore what my channel was about and what I should do with it.Through the course I reevaluated it and realized there was still so much potential that I did not consider nor appreciate before. I came here to learn some YouTube stuff. On top of all the great knowledge, it seems I now also have a newly re-discovered passion. This stuff Does work! Thank you Tim and everyone else!~ Rokus

Here’s what Rokas is revealing about this part of his journey and finally tasting the reward that comes with a growing YouTube channel.

  1. He joined a small community of other creators. Being a creator can feel discouraging and lonely. This isn’t just about uploading mp4 video files to YouTube. The creation process demands that we put a bit of ourselves into every video and risk the rejection we feel when the video does poorly.
  2. He focused on his title and thumbnail. It wasn’t an easy process. Rokas described it as a “struggle” and a “headache.” It’s the hidden work that goes on behind-the-scenes of a successful channel that most people don’t see.
  3. He got expert guidance. Not just from me and my team inside Video Labs, but from the small community of other creators inside Video Labs that pushed him to consider new ideas and approaches to his content.
  4. He took a completely different look at his channel. In fact, even when he was about to quit, his experience in Video Labs showed him the potential that was there. It just needed to be unlocked.
  5. All this and more reinvigorated his passion. Discouragement comes easy when you work so hard on something and struggle to see it grow, but when it starts working, it’s enough to make someone like Rokas get teary eyed.

His growth didn’t stop with this one video. It continued throughout Video Labs.

5x growth

Each time he implemented the process he raised the standard for what a “usual” video performance is for his channel. And then he proceeded to beat that new standard again and again.

10x growth

Where was all this growth coming from? His YouTube Creator Dashboard summarized the results of his 8 weeks in Video Labs this way.

Total growth

I love it! Rokas went from feeling stuck to seeing an amazing growth trajectory in only 8 weeks.

  • Almost 1 million more views than normal.
  • 72% more growth from recommendations on YouTube
  • 55% more growth from YouTube search results
  • Subscribers watched his videos 393% more often than usual!

I know it’s easy to think this kind of growth only happens for others, but Video Labs is available to you, too.

This process works for anyone who’s willing to do the hard work that generates amazing results. It’s the power of doing the right things the right way in the right order with the right guidance. That’s what Video Labs is all about.

But again, it’s a lot of work. You should plan to spend about 8 hours a week on assignments and weekly meetings with me. Like I tell my kids, “Good work brings good reward.” That’s certainly true when it comes to this process on YouTube.

The next session of Video Labs starts soon and it’s limited to only 20 creators so my team and I can be hands-on with you throughout the process.

As of this email, there’s only a few spots left, so and let’s work together for 8 weeks to grow your channel with this proven process just like Rokas did.

During Video Labs you’ll get…

  • Access to weekly in-depth training videos about how to leverage YouTube search, suggested videos and home page recommendations for growth. (No more confusion about how YouTube’s systems work.)
  • Weekly assignments that will help you implement those principles on your channel. (No more wondering what to do next to grow your channel.)
  • Access to the other 19 creators who are going through Video Labs with you in our private, online community. (No more creating on your own.)
  • A weekly 90 minute Zoom meeting with me where we’ll work further on assignments together, answer questions, workshop your upcoming video ideas, and more. (No more guesswork to know if you’re doing it right.)
  • And much more.

Let’s grow your business, scale your YouTube channel, reach more people, and change their lives all at the same time, starting with your own life. Register for the next session of Video Labs. See you when we kick it off next week!


P.S. Rokas shares more about his channel growth inside Video Labs on . Just scroll about halfway down the page and you’ll see his video. You can also see the full curriculum outline for Video Labs there as well as register for the next session before it sells out. I can’t wait to work with you on your channel for the next 8 weeks!